How to Remove Personal Info From Google, Step by Step

A illustration shows personal information being removed from Google.

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Google can be a powerful tool to explore the web, but what happens when your personal information ends up in search results? It is possible for personal information, such as your Social Security Number (SSN), bank account info, secure logins, and more to show up on the search engine.

Now there’s something you can do about it.

Google announced that it will allow users to remove what it calls ‘Personally Identifiable Info’ (PPI), and the process is easy enough.

Follow our detailed guide, as we walk you through removing your personal info from Google Search and keeping your financial security intact.

What Information Will Google Remove?

Before you jump into submitting an official removal request, it is important to understand what types of information Google will remove from its search results. You won’t be able to request that Google removes personal information simply because it is embarrassing or you disagree with it — it must fall under specific criteria.

Google notes that it “may remove personal information that creates significant risks of identity theft, financial fraud, or other specific harms.” With a removal request, Google may remove search results that involve the following:

  • Non-consensual explicit or intimate personal images
  • Involuntary fake pornography
  • Sites with exploitative removal practices
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PPI) or doxxing content
  • Irrelevant pornography that appears with your name
  • Images of minors

Here, we’ll focus on Personally Identifiable Information (PPI)as this information could lead to instances of identity theft or financial fraud. Offending websites that may follow under the PPI category must showcase one of the following personal…

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