How to post a job on Craigslist


It’s fast, and the cost per post is as low as $10. Without much effort, you can post a job offer on Craigslist within 20 minutes.

If you first want to know how to post a job on Craigslist, it may be because you are looking for a low-cost job board that can still target job seekers in the community.

Craigslist is a great place to start looking for talent. After showing you how easy it is to post a job on the website, we will also show you how alternatives can make it easier for you to reach people who are more likely to respond to your job ad.

A step-by-step guide to job posting on Craigslist

Start with the Craigslist homepage of your community-your browser should automatically direct you to that homepage, but if not, you can select your community from the list of metropolitan areas on the right side of the homepage.

Select “Create Post” on the homepage, specify the city or county where the job is located, select the “Provide Job” option, and then select the industry where the job is located. This should generate a Craigslist job posting form.

Fill in the job details: job title, job category, job description, location and salary fields. And use the drop-down menu to specify whether the job is full-time, part-time, or contract.

Add your contact information and give a good review of your list, especially the job description. Once you are satisfied with your job listing, please continue to submit your payment details and post your job to your Craigslist community.

Restrictions on posting jobs on Craigslist

Recruitment information has always been a field that Craigslist has adapted to, not a field it specializes in. As social networking sites and mobile markets have eroded its market share, the visibility of its classified advertising community has declined.

The lack of innovation and loss of land helps to put the site’s recruitment committee into perspective—it is suitable for launching shows, but its ability to attract more qualified candidates to fill part-time and entry-level positions is outdated.

The introduction of Craigslist didn’t catch the eye completely, at least not for now.

It supports some basic HTML, you can upload some images to your job posting, but when you try to make your job posting attractive and include all the assets you want to deploy, you may hit the ceiling of the website .

If you want to post your job vacancies in multiple communities, you must create a separate list for each community and pay more-add up.

In contrast, sites like this Post Code Recruitment By sharing your job postings to more than 100 recruitment committees, you can target local candidates or put on a wider network.

Another consideration to keep in mind: Craigslist does not provide any way to track applicants throughout the recruitment process.

Businesses large and small benefit from applicant tracking. This type of recruitment software can help you manage the applications you receive, compare candidates, and track your interactions with them at every step from “hello” to “hiring.”

The applicant tracking system solution is the standard configuration of the main working committee, but if you choose Craigslist instead of ZipRecruiter, Indeed or even Facebook, this is not the only important feature you will miss.

How does it compare to posting job listings on ZipRecruiter

Compared with ZipRecruiter, it is difficult to find a single use case, and Craigslist’s work board is a better solution. When it comes to the features they share, ZipRecruiter does a better job than Craigslist.

It provides solutions for more powerful job postings, more flexible pricing models, more choices for job applicants, better control of visibility, and trust-building with applicants.

ZipRecruiter also provides a key tool that Craigslist does not have: a resume database. It contains tens of millions of active resumes that you can browse to find candidates instead of just waiting for them to find you.

Worried that you will be overwhelmed by the large number of job seekers attracted by job postings?

ZipRecruiter’s artificial intelligence tools can help you classify candidates and find a list of potential candidates in a short period of time.

Its artificial intelligence matching technology collects and analyzes millions of data points from candidate profiles and resumes, and then sends them to the list of candidates most suitable for your role.

You must choose one of the monthly subscriptions of the site to access the resume database and other recruitment solutions. But you are paying for efficiency and effectiveness.

Think of it this way: You can save time and money by using ZipRecruiter’s resume database and recruitment tools to quickly recruit people, instead of spending money on Craigslist recruitment posts month after month.

How does it compare to posting work on Indeed

Although ZipRecruiter or CareerBuilder will make a better comparison here, the job boards of Indeed and Craigslist still have some basic things in common.

Like other major recruitment bulletin boards, Indeed provides a more concise display that is more likely to attract job seekers than Craigslist.

Indeed also provides a company page, which helps to ease the minds of applicants who might otherwise wonder if they have fallen into a scam.

Indeed also allows you to promote your job information to increase the visibility of relevant job applicants to the listing. Recall that Indeed does not provide any solution to increase the visibility of job advertisements. You must create a separate advertisement to publish in multiple communities.

A key commonality between Craigslist and Indeed is that they have almost eliminated any financial barriers to posting.

Posting to Indeed is free until your job posting attracts attention-this is slightly different from the free trial period used by other major recruitment committees.

You can post your work to Craigslist for as low as $10 per post, but the price can be as high as $75, depending on the size of the community you publish.

How does it compare to posting work on Facebook

If you find that Craigslist’s job-based fees make its recruitment committee more expensive than you expected, and you want a cheaper solution, consider posting the job to Facebook.

It is free if you promote it yourself. If you already have a place on social networks, you can attract some interest by posting your work to your company page.

If you want to promote your ad to Facebook users who are not on your friends list, you must pay. One solution is to let your friends and followers share your job title with their relationships.

Because Facebook does not have a dedicated job search committee, social networking is not the primary consideration when looking for a job. People tend to search for jobs on job boards, and there are still many people who don’t use the site at all.

Frequently asked questions

Not ready to post to Craigslist? We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic from the web to help you make a decision, especially when you jump directly to the FAQ.

How can I post a job on Craigslist for free?

Although free Craigslist job postings may be available in some countries/regions, you cannot post jobs on Craigslist for free in North America. The cost of publishing work on the website ranges from $10 to $75, and the pricing depends on the size of the community you publish to.

Craigslist charges per post for the following categories: work, apartment rental, commercial real estate, furniture sales, car sales, etc.

How much does it cost to post a job advertisement on Craigslist?

Craigslist charges $10 to $75 for posting positions on its job board. The price range is a sliding scale. Larger metropolitan areas pay more, while smaller communities only pay $10 per post.

Is Craigslist a good place to post work?

Craigslist remains one of the most visited websites in the United States. This website is a good choice for posting basic job listings for entry-level jobs.

However, specialized committees like ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder can help you reach more relevant candidates in a shorter period of time.

Although Craigslist may be cheaper to post a single job, the main job committee can save you money through its advanced recruitment tools and efficiency.

Why is there a charge for posting on Craigslist Jobs?

Craigslist makes money by publishing fees. It costs more than money to post a job on Craigslist. Several categories on the website have additional posting fees, ranging from job postings to commercial real estate listings.

The last sentence

Although it is still one of the most popular websites in the United States, the popularity of Craigslist is declining slowly and steadily. It is generally known for its classified ads, and its working committees are much smaller.

If you need to post a simple show, Craigslist may be more feasible than other job sites. However, if you plan to go through the traditional recruitment process or need to post multiple positions, please consider using one of the main recruitment committees.

A comprehensive working website, such as Post Code Recruitment Includes all necessary recruitment software, such as applicant tracking and resume databases, as well as modern conveniences such as artificial intelligence-assisted search and candidate matching.


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