How to Make Money on Audible: 3 Simple Ways

Over its nearly 30-year run, Audible has become a household name for online audiobooks. It’s nearly impossible to listen to a podcast these days without the host advertising an Audible subscription.

There is a good reason why all your favorite online services seem to advertise Audible: They can make good money doing so, and so can you. We’ll dive into how to make money on Audible and why it can be a solid side gig for extra cash.

What Is Audible?

Audible is an online audiobook service where book lovers can purchase their favorite published works in audio form. The service launched in 1995 and today offers its vast library to individuals either a la carte or via a variable subscription model. Audible has also expanded into the world of podcasts.

For those who subscribe to Audible, the service offers multiple subscription tiers, each providing you with a specific number of credits. The credits either replenish monthly or annually and can be exchanged for audiobooks.

Listeners can then enjoy their selected spoken word entertainment via Audible apps on smartphones and other smart devices.

3 Simple Ways to Make Money on Audible

While not always the first thought of those looking to pick up a side gig, Audible can be a lucrative offering for those willing to put in the work. Whether you want to dig into your creative side, write and narrate a book, or become an Audible affiliate, we’ll showcase a few ways to increase your bank balance with the service.

Join the Audible Affiliate Program

One of the easiest ways to earn money with the Audible platform is to engage in affiliate marketing using the company’s tools. Your favorite podcasts and YouTubers have done it, and now you can, too, with some work. Affiliate marketing is a perfect option for influencers looking to monetize their reach on social media.

To get started, all you need to do is become a member of the Audible Creator Program (Audible Affiliate Program). Once signed up, you’ll…

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