How to Land One of the Best-Paying Jobs in Finance


Dead ends branch out from every career path. Even in the lucrative world of finance, you could find yourself living on the margins while boosting someone else’s bottom line — that’s unless you gain the right experience and pursue one of the best-paying jobs in the field of finance.

You’ll find great-paying jobs at every level in the finance industry, which is different from the highest paying finance jobs. So we’ve rounded up some of the finance jobs that’ll pay you the best based on your experience and the caliber of work you’d actually do every day. Plus, we’ll show you how to use a job site like ZipRecruiter to find the best openings for you.

Education, Internships and Experience

The world of finance can feel sort of like a jungle: Many can survive, but only the strong thrive. And the strength required to survive, advance and thrive in it comes from education and experience.

Even if you come from a household that has been grooming you from diapers to run the family business someday, you’ll likely still have to start at the bottom before ever getting a crack at more advanced work.

It’s highly competitive at every level, even entry level. Education is the best way to get a toe in the door, and real-world experience is what opens the stairwell for you.

Getting the Right Education

So what kind of education do you need to break into finance? You typically need an advanced college degree, or a bachelor’s degree at the minimum.

A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or economics is a great place to start. But many of your peers — the competition — will have put in the extra time to obtain a master’s degree in business administration, business management, finance, investing, accounting or related fields.

Finance is so competitive that people will often invest time in dual majors to gain that extra edge needed to make their resume stand out in front of eyes that may spend just a minute glancing at each submission…


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