How to help charities without donating


If funds are tight, or you live on salary, then charity seems to be beyond your reach.

But here is some good news: you can still give back to charities and non-profit organizations that are important to you.

Even if you have a lot of money, there are things you can do to help others. There are six methods here.

6 ways to help charities without donations

These choices will allow you to do good and give back without spending money.

1. Help people find jobs

Although many people think of volunteering at food banks or homeless shelters, have you considered spending time in job hunting centers?

Many local social service agencies allow volunteers to work one-on-one with job applicants to help them Craft resume And apply for a job.

Many of these facilities work with food banks and shelters, and your local social service agency can point you in the right direction.

2. Teaching computer skills

If you are reading this article on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you may have more computer skills than many people.

Many people can use the help of basic technology, including elderly people eager to learn how to communicate with relatives and financially disadvantaged job seekers or people with disabilities who learn how to use adaptive software.

Even seemingly simple things, such as starting a computer, logging in, opening a web browser, and learning how to use e-mail, are life-changing skills for some people.

Contact your local social service agency or senior center to find out where you can share your skills.

3. Donate your unused clothes, toys, etc.

It is very likely that you now have something in your home that you don’t use. Maybe you have some clothes you don’t wear because you have changed your style, gained or lost weight, or moved to an area with a different climate.

Does your child have toys that have not been played with in months or even years? Is your garage full of unused “Weekend Warriors” sports equipment?

Clean your closet And pass these items to the people who will use them.Go to your local thrift store to donate your used items and post them locally Buy nothing Or find a domestic violence shelter or child service center near you to find a good home for them.

4. Change old electronic products

If your old mobile phone, computer or other electronic products are accumulating dust, please donate them to National League Against Domestic Violence or Soldier cell phone.

Many different organizations repair and redistribute electronic products to those in need. Sometimes, if the equipment cannot be saved, the organization scraps it and sells parts to raise funds.

5. Organize garage auctions for charities

If you have a lot of unused or unnecessary things, Hold a garage auction Raise funds for your favorite charity. Work with charities in advance to let them know about your plans and get their support-they may even be willing to help promote it.

Consider inviting family, friends, or neighbors to donate items they often use for your charity sale or provide help on the day. Be sure to advertise that all proceeds will be donated to the charity of your choice.

6. Charity Shopping

You can make the most of the money you have already spent online by donating part of your purchases to charity using apps and websites.

You may have heard of Amazon smile, Which allows you to choose an organization to support your shopping.Here are four more methods Pay for charity.

Before you donate

If you do have cash donations (or are considering raising cash donations), be sure to investigate any non-profit organizations you are considering supporting.

Guide star and Charity Navigation It is an important resource for consulting non-profit organizations in the United States. Both share information about the organization’s tax forms, how to spend money, and how to use the donations received. This article outlines how to evaluate charities before donating.

What should not be donated

Old canned lima beans and crushed pineapple usually cause more problems for food banks than they solve. Likewise, most charities or non-profit thrift stores won’t want you to wear torn T-shirts or torn socks.

Ask what the organization needs most—usually items you didn’t expect, such as toilet paper or sanitary products.

Many charities Actually prefer cash So they can buy what they need. They can usually buy items in bulk at large discounts, so the $5 you have to donate is much more in their hands than in yours.

Don’t forget your tax relief

Whether you donate in kind or cash, be sure to get a receipt so that you can write it off on your taxes. Many non-profit organizations send receipts for granted, but if they don’t, please follow up and get a receipt because it can help you save money in April next year.

If you drive to help charities, such as providing meal delivery services for the elderly, you can even deduct miles. Please consult your tax professional to see if you are eligible for any of these deductions.

Christine Pope is a contributor to The Penny Hoarder.


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