How to Get Started on the 9 Best Freelance Websites

Turning to a freelancing website is an excellent option when you need extra money. Whether you are looking to supplement your primary source of income for more stability or so you can treat yourself to a bit of luxury, we can help you out.

You wouldn’t be the only person hoping on the freelancing bandwagon, as nearly 5% of US workers have two or more jobs. Freelancing is an excellent way to bridge the gap between your primary source of income and the land of financial security.

Working as a freelance writer is one excellent way to earn extra moneybut there are plenty of options for other professions. Here are the best freelance websites to find your next side gig.

The 9 Best Freelance Websites

No matter your skillset, there’s likely someone who’s willing to pay for your services. Usually, the hardest part is making sure the freelance work is legit.

There are plenty of freelance websites out there, but plenty of those job sites are scams.

So we did the hard part for you and vetted some of the top freelance websites. They’re not freelance job aggregators that leave you to fend for yourself with clients. All the work and pay is funneled through, and moderated by, the freelancing websites themselves.

The best part? They don’t charge you money to sign up.

Each freelance website also has user reviews through Glassdoor, a jobs search engine that aggregates anonymous reviews and salaries from employees and rates companies on a scale of five stars. Each site below lists the Glassdoor rating at the bottom and links to what employees have to about the company.

Here are nine of the best sites that can help you find freelance jobs, whether you’re looking for a one-time project or a longtime client.

(Note: The sites are listed alphabetically, not by order of importance.)


For budding copywriters, editors, designers and developers, CopyPress is a solid content mill to get your bearings.

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