How to Get Paid to Listen to Music with Playlist Push

Do you spend hours painstakingly curating the perfect Spotify playlist? We have the perfect side gig for you!

Playlist Push pays music lovers to give new songs a shot. They send over a track, and you listen. If you’re a Spotify user, your next step is to send the artist an honest review of the song. If you’re a TikToker, you make a video featuring the track.

Then, you get paid! How much? A lot. Spotify curators get up to $12 per track, while TikTok users can get up to $250 per video.

So why isn’t everyone getting paid to listen to music? Here’s the catch: the eligibility requirements for this lucrative side hustle are pretty strict. Spotify curators need a playlist with at least 1,000 followers and 30 active listeners; with 3.1k views per video.

Could that be you? Read on.

What Is Playlist Push?

When evaluating a potential side hustle (especially one that sounds too good to be true!) it’s smart to figure out the company’s business model. So why would Playlist Push pay you to listen to music, exactly? Here’s the quick and dirty explanation.

Independent music artists struggle to get their music out there. But sometimes they get lucky: a popular curator adds their music to a playlist, or an influencer makes a video dancing to their song. streaming money.

Playlist Push makes that lucky break a little more likely. Artists pay Playlist Push to share their work with influential music lovers in the hope that they’ll share it with their followers.

How Do You Apply?

Interested? Not so fast. There are strict requirements to become a Playlist Push curator.

Basically, you need to have a healthy following on Spotify or TikTok.

For Spotify curators, you need a playlist with

  • At least 30 active monthly listeners
  • At least 1% active monthly listeners out of total
  • No bot followers or listening activity

What’s more, that playlist cannot…

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