How to Get Bath & Body Works Coupons Plus Other Savings Tips

Pop quiz: What’s the best-smelling store in the mall?

If you said Bath & Body Works, we’d have to agree with you.

We love all the store’s products — from soap to candles. But we’re especially addicted to its delicious scents, like warm vanilla sugar and sweet pea.

Let’s face it, though: All those so-yummy-smelling-you-could-eat-them products can be expensive.

But you’ve lucked out. From how to snag those coveted coupons to timing your purchase, we’ve rounded up 11 smart ways to save money at Bath & Body Works.

How to Save Money at Bath & Body Works

If you perk up when you hear Wallflowers, three-wick candles and foaming hand soap, you’re a Bath & Body Works fan. Here’s how to save on all your favorite scents.

1. Sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program

Entering your email at the bottom of the Bath & Body Works homepage gets you on the retailer’s mailing list — expect plenty of coupons and promotions in your inbox.

But if you’re a regular shopper at Bath & Body Works — or just there for a one-time purchase — it pays to sign up for its Loyalty Rewards Program. You’ll need to provide some basic info like your name, email and phone number.

In addition to learning about sales and receiving coupons, as you do when you join the email mailing list, Loyalty Rewards Program members get additional discounts and even a free full-size product just for signing up. You’ll also be eligible to receive text messages with discount codes and announcements about upcoming sales.

Plus, with every purchase you’ll earn points that you can redeem for products.

2. Sign up for Snail Mail Coupons

If you sign up for the Bath & Body Works email mailing list, you can request snail mail coupons, too. Finding the sign-up page can be a little more challenging, but you can select the option to add your address on the Submit a Request page.

Hard-copy coupons come less frequently than the ones that inundate your email inbox, but they also offer…

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