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The job market is crazy right now—both for people looking for jobs and employers looking for quality candidates. In the last quarter of 2021, there were 10.4 million job vacancies in the United States, but only about 6 million jobs were filled.

This means that the company still lacks more than 4 million workers. If you are one of these companies looking to hire, you may need help understanding how to find employees.

So what can employers do to ensure that they fill these vacancies with qualified candidates? We created a list to help companies that don’t know how to find employees in this job market, or companies that just need a little help to expand their influence.

Start by simplifying the recruitment process

If you are a hiring manager, you will know that there are many changes when creating vacancies, marketing positions, interviewing candidates, and finally hiring. By using a platform that simplifies the process, you will be able to focus more on making the right hiring decisions instead of dealing with all the red tape.

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise company, one platform that can do this for you is Post Code RecruitmentNot only does it manage the recruitment process in an easy-to-use dashboard (also available on mobile devices), the recruitment website also uses artificial intelligence technology to match resumes with your job openings to bring you quality candidates.

ZipRecruiter’s dashboard simplifies the interview process by sorting, reviewing, and rating candidates, and then sends you more candidates based on your rating. By letting ZipRecruiter’s technology manage your recruitment process from start to finish, you can focus on the most important things instead of focusing on the time-consuming details of finding employees.

Focus on the brand

You can find the coolest job in the world in your company, but if no one knows who you are or what your company culture is like, your chances of finding the perfect candidate will slowly disappear.

Your company may not be Apple or Tesla, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive brand experience to attract employees. When job candidates are researching their next potential role, they care about where they will work—not just what they will do.

Social media is a reliable way to make your name stand out and make your company more attractive to future applicants. Include photos of company activities, details of benefits and allowances, and showcase company culture. Having a Facebook or Twitter account can highlight your company’s online image here.

Another way to promote your company’s brand is through a website like Glassdoor. Job seekers tend to use the site to conduct more in-depth research on the feeling of working in the company, and to view the reviews and ratings of past and current employees, as well as the insights of people who have interviewed somewhere.

By creating a strong brand around your company, employees will be able to find you—allowing you to offload some jobs to find employees.

Remember to emphasize your current and future remote working culture. In light of the pandemic, many candidates are specifically looking for remote jobs. Show your company’s ability to deal with challenges and expectations for the future.

Write a high-quality job description

No one likes bait and switches. When someone interviews for a job and the result is not what they expected—or worse, they accept the job and it’s not in the job description at all—their chances of quitting are very high.

This is why writing high-quality, clear and concise job descriptions is an important part of how to find employees. If job seekers know exactly what the job is, they will be more willing to apply for and accept positions in your company.

You can eliminate some guesses about how to create a well-written job description by using pre-written job descriptions from ZipRecruiter. In addition to the perfect job title, they will also determine all the points you need to include in your job posting to ensure that candidates understand exactly what will happen when they interview for your vacant position.

Post your job position in front of the right people

Once you have created your own brand and perfect job posting, you need the right people to view and apply. Sponsored positions are a great way to locate qualified candidates who may be a perfect fit for your open position.

You can send spam to people who may or may not be looking for a new job on social media platforms, or you can target people who are actively looking for a job to ensure that your advertising funds are not wasted. ZipRecruiter uses artificial intelligence to find qualified candidates and post your position to them. Sponsored positions can more easily get more applicants, and the cost is very low.

Post to the right job committee

If your company is not interested or can’t afford the cost of sponsored positions, you should consider posting to multiple job committees. Not every job seeker uses the same job search engine, so by posting positions on different websites, you can open up a pool of potential job seekers.

You can post on LinkedIn, Craigslist or Monster alone-but recreating job postings over and over again can be time consuming. However, if you use ZipRecruiter, it will automatically combine your job postings into more than 100 different job boards without you having to work extra. It can save time and energy, and can significantly expand your application population.

Create employee referral plan

Excellent existing employees can be a reliable resource to find more excellent employees. Not only can they reach more well-known applicants, but they can also save you hundreds of hours of reading your resume online.

By leveraging your existing employee pool, you can save time in finding new employees and add additional benefits to your current team. Some incentives include prizes, extra holidays — and perhaps the most popular — cash referral bonuses.

Take advantage of the free trial

If you don’t know how to find employees online, the number of options that can help you can be overwhelming. How do you know which of these working committees will make you more worthwhile?

The free trial is a cost-effective way to test different work committees and find the best way to recruit excellent employees and fill vacant positions. Whether you want to fill a specific position or a junior administrative position, different job committees can help you find the right employees. By utilizing the days or weeks of each of these work sites, you can experiment with these platforms repeatedly to find employees without paying any upfront costs.

try Post Code Recruitment See for free how it can simplify your recruitment process and help you find employees faster.


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