How to Fill Out A Money Order: A Step-by-Step Guide

Money orders are a secure — and relatively cheap — way to transfer money instead of using cash, credit cards or checks. With a money order, you don’t share routing and account numbers as you do with a personal check.

The maximum amount for a money order is $1,000, so this is not a great payment choice if you need to send a large amount, say for a down payment on a house or the house or for a car. This is usually done with a cashier’s check when a personal check won’t suffice.

You can purchase money orders in numerous places including:

  • US Postal Service offices
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Western Union or MoneyGram locations
  • Many large retail and grocery chains such as CVS drugstore, Walmart, Publix, 7-11 and Kroger. Check with the service desk of your grocery store or pharmacy to see if they sell money orders.

When you purchase a money order, you’ll need to fill it out to ensure the payment goes through.

While not complicated, you do need to know the types of information you need to fill out, as well as how to do so correctly.

How to Fill Out a Money Order

Here’s what you need to do to fill out a money order correctly:

1. Gather the Required Information

Keep in mind that each place where you buy a money order may have different requirements as to what you need to successfully fill out and purchase a money order.

Although the form for money orders may also look different depending on where you go, you’ll most likely need to the following:

  • Your name and current mailing address
  • Payment amount
  • The payee — the person, business or organization you want to pay
  • Payee’s current mailing address
  • Reason for payment — you may need to provide an account or billing number

Aside from that, you’ll need to have an acceptable form of payment to purchase the money order. Some places, especially grocery stores and convenience stores, may impose amount limits and not allow you to use a credit card.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary…

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