How to Coupon: A Guide for Beginners


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Learning how to coupon—and I’m talking about extreme couponing here—something that will save you thousands of dollars by the end of the year kind of couponing—anyway, it’s a lot like learning how to save money and grow your wealth.

You have to be organized and committed to the cause.

Think about it this way: when learning how to save money and grow your wealth, you need two things: a source of income and knowledge or skills on how to save and invest your money.

With these two things, you can create a semi-automatic system that funnels your money through the savings and investment process.

Now, let’s apply that to couponing:

  • You need a source of coupons (both paper and digital coupons)
  • You need to know how to use the coupons you have strategically to get the most out of your savings

Now, this might sound easy; after all, couponing is all about either cutting them out of the Sunday paper or finding digital coupons online. Right?

No! No, it really isn’t! There’s much more to couponing than this, and I am about to share it all with you. So, come along with me for this fun, money-saving ride. I promise it will be worth every penny you save.

Different Types of Coupons

There are two main types of coupons: paper coupons and digital coupons. Within these two main types, there are myriad different varieties and categories, but all you need to know for now is that you are going to be dealing with these two main types.

Paper Coupons

Paper coupons are, well, made out of paper. These are the types of coupons you can cut out of the Sunday paper, or you will find them at the bottom of your receipt. Paper coupons have a familiar, physical feel to them that makes lots of people comfortable.

Paper coupons often come in two varieties.

  • Store coupons: These are often offered by specific stores or retailers. You are most likely going to find these types of coupons in the Sunday newspaper or…


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