How to Cook More Plant-Based Meals and Save on Your Grocery Bill


Looking for creative ways to cut your grocery bill? Eating more plant-based meals can help save money! (Psst! Click here for more grocery saving tips.)

The following is a guest post by Sophie Lane:

With the cost of food rising in the supermarketswe’re all looking for ways to save on the grocery bill while still eating well.

Research shows that adding more plant-based meals to your diet is not just good for the planet and your health; it’s great for your wallet too. According to this article from The Beeta vegan diet can save a family of four about $1,200 per year in the US!

How to Cook More Plant-Based Meals (And Save Money!)

The amount you can save will vary depending on where you live and the meat-free substitutions you make, but I’ve definitely saved money every month since going vegan a few years ago.

Sound good to you?

Keep reading for my top 5 tips to get started with plant-based eating!

1. Start with one meat-free meal or day per week.

As keen as you might be to get started with meat-free mealsgoing cold turkey is not the way to go. Trust me on this one. If the highlight of your week is a steak dinner, chicken pie, or seafood extravaganza, going plant-based overnight will be painful.

Vegetarian food can be incredibly indulgent, comforting, and delicious, but you need to find some recipes that you love and get used to not having meat as the main event. And if you quit animal products without a plan, you risk bailing on all of The benefits of plant-based meals before you really get started.

When I transitioned to a plant-based diet, I started with one day a week, like ‘meat-free Mondays.’ I found some fantastic recipe sources and fell in love with cooking my meals from scratch before scaling to more days.

2. Get organized and plan ahead.

It’s easier said than done…


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