How to Build a Cheap Home Gym for Less Than $100

The reasons not to go to the gym are endless: It’s really cold outside. Panting in a workout class with 15 strangers in the middle of flu season doesn’t sound very fun. Maybe you just don’t feel like going.

If the gym just isn’t your thing but you’re still looking for an exercise outlet, it could be time to consider a home gym.

Creating a home gym will not only help you stay in shape but could also save you money in the long run, considering the high cost of gym memberships and boutique fitness classes that can cost more than $20 for a single hour.

But for less than $100, it’s “absolutely” possible to get enough equipment at home to make a difference in your health, said personal trainer Chrisi Moutopoulos. She’s a regional manager in Long Island for GYMGUYZthe first in-home mobile personal training franchise company. She became a personal trainer seven years ago, after going through her own weight loss journey.

“You can always get fit on a small budget or no budget,” Moutopoulos said.

How to Build a Home Gym for Less Than a Benjamin

If $100 still seems pricey to you, keep in mind: You might spend that for just four Pure Barre classes or a few months of a gym membership. That doesn’t count activation fees or the gas you’ll spend getting there and back.

Once you stock your home gym, it’s yours to keep — no membership renewal necessary.

For anyone getting started, Moutopoulos recommends consulting with both a doctor and with a trainer. They’re experts in the field and can help customize a plan that works within your restrictions and your goals. It’s a potential up-front cost, but worth it to make sure you’re being smart.

After that, here’s what you need to start your own workout room and how to use all that new equipment.

Resistance Bands

Cost: $10+

Exercises: Clamshells, leg lifts, almost any bodyweight exercise

You can amp up nearly every classic exercise you can think of by adding extra resistance.


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