How Do I Kick Out My 32-Year-Old Daughter After 2 Years?

Dear Penny,

I have a 32-year-old daughter who seems to think that it’s OK to not pay rent or be a contributing adult while living with me. I have told her many times that she has to move out, and then she asks for time to get her finances together. That was two years ago.

She has become a drain and a strain because she is not helping me in any way. I’m on a fixed income. I love her, but I have grown not to like her. Any advice would be appreciated.


Dear L.,

Most of us don’t make big changes when life is going great. So make life uncomfortable for your daughter.

Set a hard deadline for when your daughter needs to be out. Make sure it’s realistic. She’ll need enough money for first month’s rent and a security deposit, plus utilities and basic furniture. But it shouldn’t be too far out in the future.

If your daughter is working, three months’ notice seems reasonable. If she’s not working, you’ll need to set the deadline a bit further out. But as a condition of temporarily extending her living arrangement, she’s required to apply for a minimum number of jobs each week.

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