How Do I Invest More?

Let’s assume you have already dealt with the most important parts of your finances: your credit cards, bank accountsspending, and investments. You’ve consciously decided what your Rich Life is, and you’ve built a financial system that is essentially on autopilot, letting you spend your time pursuing the things you love. You’re doing great. that most people are still struggling with paying their monthly bills. So congratulations. But—of course there’s a “but”—if you’re seriously nerdy and want to know more about enhancing your finances, this is for you. Remember, though: This is extra credit, so don’t feel the need to follow the advice here unless you really want to.

Get Honest About Why You Want More

I was raised to be the best—to study harder, work longer, and perform better than everyone else. In many ways, those lessons have paid off. But I also see the dark side of blindly following the idea of ​​being the best without reflecting  on why you’re working so hard. So before you read on, ask yourself what the point of all of this work is. Is it to earn an extra $10,000? Or to actually live a Rich Life?

Sometimes financial advice just blindly encourages people to do “more, more, more” without stopping to ask, “Is this enough?” The concept of winning becomes the goal instead of knowing why you’re playing in the first place. When do you get to stop and enjoy all the hard work you’ve done?

I’ve seen too many people decide to take control of their finances (good), then change their lives to save money (good), then continue saving and become increasingly aggressive (not so good), and finally end up “living in the spreadsheet,” where they spend each day counting how much their money has grown (very bad). They’ve become obsessed with the game without realizing why they’re playing.

You do not want to live in the spreadsheet. Life is more than tweaking your asset allocation and…

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