Here Are 11 Options to Find Free or Cheap Audiobooks

Though some still prefer the old-fashioned printed book, many people prefer the convenience and portability of audiobooks.

But how do you get the audiobooks you want without paying a lot of money? There are a number of audiobook services available, but the options can be overwhelming. Finding the right audiobook service is a matter of finding the right one for how you like to read.

11 Services for Cheap Audiobooks

Here’s our rundown of some of the best services where you can grab a book for your ears.

1. Audible

Audible is a big name in audiobooks. As a part of Amazon, it’s heavily marketed and easily available, but it has its pros and cons.


  • Audible boasts one of the largest audiobook libraries out there with more than 500,000 titles and around 100,000 podcasts, according to a company spokesperson. Whatever you like to read, you can probably find it on Audible.
  • You get to keep any titles you read even if you cancel your subscription.
  • You also get daily deals and an extra 30% discount on additional book purchases.
  • You can download the books you choose and listen offline.
  • You can try Audible out with a no-cost, 30-day trial period.
  • Amazon Prime members can try Audible free for 90 days while also receiving 2 credits (1 credit = 1 title) per month.


  • Audible is a subscription service with five different subscription plansthe cheapest being $7.95 per month. At that lowest tier, though, you are unable to earn extra credits and you won’t get discounts on premium selection titles or access to exclusive sales.
  • The other membership plans are pricey. They include monthly subscriptions of $14.95 for one credit per month or $22.95 for two credits per month. Annual plans are also available; they cost $149.50 for 12 credits per year or $229.50 for 24 credits per year.
  • Unused credits expire after one year. They also expire when you cancel your membership.

2. is another subscription service, much like…

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