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Last week on the podcast, we mentioned our daughters going to prom and how they wanted to go with their dates together. We talked about how their relationship has developed and some of the different seasons they have walked through. A number of people wrote in and asked how our daughters developed such a close relationship.

Well, it definitely wasn’t always like that! In fact, the girls are SO different than I never, ever expected they’d one day be best friends. For years, they were constantly frustrated and irritated with one another.

We asked them for input and thoughts on what made a difference and changed their relationship. In this episode, we shared three keys that Kathrynne shared that she felt were a big part of the change in their relationship.

Jesse and I close out this podcast episode with a few more thoughts from our perspective, including loving your kids right where they are at instead of being frustrated at them for not being where you wish they were. We also discuss how important it is to talk positively about them — not only to them, but to others, as well.

In addition to talking about our kids’ relationships, I have a book update and we share something fun we’ve been doing as a family.

In This Episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Paine Show.

[01:45] – I asked for the girls input on deepening their friendships.

[02:22] – I have a reading update to share with you.

[05:35] – What’s saving our life this week? This week is something fun.

[11:38] – How did our daughters become best friends?

[12:24] – Don’t force your kids to be best friends.

[14:44] – Learn emotional language.

[17:29] – When the girls started to learn to say, “When you did that, it made me feel like this”, it changed their relationship.

[21:21] – Jesse…

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