Have you signed up for your free Harry shaving kit? !

If you haven’t tried Harry’s, you can get a free shaving kit right now! You only pay for shipping!

Provided by Harry’s Free three-piece shaving kit now.you have just Pay $3 shipping. This one is worth $13!

at this free set, you’ll get two weeks’ worth of shaving supplies from Harry’s: Truman Razor with Blades (choose from three different colors), Foaming Shaving Gel and Travel Blade Cover.

I ordered this and was impressed What I got for $3 shipped! The shaver looks high quality and I love the rubber handle (you can choose the colour it’s fun!)

I opted for the orange handle shaver, although I’m not sure why! I think if I did it again, I would choose blue. Oh well!

when you Sign up for this free shaving kit, you’ll get a monthly subscription to Harry’s razor at the regular price.

If you don’t want to continue after receiving your first set, you can easily cancel the membership in your account before the next set ships at full price. Or keep subscribing to the service for a monthly premium razor! (Keep reading for Harry’s amazing reader reviews below.)

Indecisive about Harry? Check out Harry’s recent comments to readers:

“I’ve been using Harry’s since December and I must say their product and customer service are amazing! I also took their mystery products and always got more valuable items than the price they charged.

I have received the best customer service emails I have ever received from any company I do business with. I’m so glad I sent them an email back, thank them for such a nice, friendly email, they responded quickly!

And their blades are really good! I auto ship every 3 months, but these blades start sharp and stay sharp much longer than the blades I used to buy at the store.

As a disabled ARMY veteran, I chose the OD Green shaver, which is also a great product. The weight of the razor makes shaving more pleasant and effective.

I really think you will love these products! “

Here’s how to get the deal:

Alas!only $3 for a set out of pocket!

Please let me know if you have ordered or subscribed from Harry’s before. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, check out my A Totally Honest Review of Dollar Shave Club. (You can Get the Starter Kit from Dollar Shave Club for $5.)

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