Got Rats? We’ve Got Cheap Ways to Handle and Prevent Pest Problems

In the quiet and calm of night, I started hearing random thuds which I thought were outside my bedroom window.

I ignored them.

Then the thuds moved to the area in the ceiling above my head and scurrying sounds followed the thuds.

It sounded like a dance party with tiny pitter-pattering feet and it meant the rodents in the attic were back.

I knew the sounds. I have had rats in the attic before. I thought they were gone, but they came back.

If you think you have rodents in your attic, there are four things you need to do: Investigate, exterminate, eliminate entry points and decontaminate.

Here are several cheap or low cost ways to rid your attic of rodents.

Got a Pest Problem? First, Investigate.

No matter where you live, rodents can get into your attic space. It isn’t a sign of dirt or hygiene, they’re just looking for somewhere warm and cozy and an attic is both.

“We joke about it, it’s like a motorcycle rider. There are those who have already been down and those who are going to go down. We transferred that over to rats. There are those who have had rats in the past, currently have them , or will have them,” said Patrick Hutchison co-owner of Ratmana pest and wildlife control company in the Tampa, Florida area. “It’s kind of the nature of the beast around here.”

You might hear thumping, scurrying, scampering, gnawing or squeaking sounds. Your pets might notice rodents before you do, so you might want to investigate if your pet seems to be reacting to something in the walls or ceiling.

The attic animals can vary in different parts of the country, but in most areas squirrels and rats are the biggest culprits. Bats, raccoons, opossums and snakes can also find their way into attics.

Squirrels come and go to get food and are most active in the early morning and evening. Rats are nocturnal and shy, so you’ll mostly hear them during the night.

There are two main kinds of rats — the Norway and the black rat.

  • Norway rats: Also…

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