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On a random Tuesday night in March of 2021, we said yes to fostering David. It was the week before my last book launched, I was in the thick of media interviews and had some big interviews happening that week, and Jesse and the older girls were out of town on a high school trip.

And yet, Jesse and I just both felt like Even though it was the seemingly worst timing, this was our best yes.

Little did we know it was yes to forever… and a yes that would wreck us and change us in the most beautiful of ways.

I get tears in my eyes just thinking of how much our precious David has transformed our home and lives. He’s taught us to slow down, to notice and appreciate and celebrate every little thing, and to rely upon the faithfulness of God like never before.

My new book, The Time-Saving Momopens with the story of us saying yes to fostering him and it closes with the very unexpected chapter of us saying yes to adopting him. It’s the story I never expected to be living — and the greatest gift I never knew I needed.

My deep hope is that sharing God’s faithfulness in our lives through David’s story will encourage you in whatever God is calling you to that might seem big, scary, or overwhelming.

I’d love to share a PDF with the introduction and first chapter of The Time-Saving Mom with you.

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You never know how much a simple, scary, but faith-filled yes might end up completely changing the tone of your home and the trajectory of your life in a way you could never dream up or imagine.

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