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I’ve got BIG news! My book — The Time-Saving Mom: How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most — is priced at the BEST price it’s EVER been today!

Get the hardcover version for just $16.09 from Amazon OR, get it for just $12.19 + free shipping from my publisher when you use coupon code MOM50 at checkout.

The Time-Saving Mom is basically a download of my best tricks and strategies for doing what you need to do and want to do while enjoying your life and having space to breathe!

In this book, I share:

➡️ How simplicity is a superpower — and very practical ways to eliminate decision fatigue in your life

.➡️ My 6×2 Priority System — it will radically transform the way you approach each day and eliminate so much guilt.

➡️ An incredibly easy and foolproof habit-tracking system that breaks down big-picture ideas and ambitions into bite-sized baby steps.

➡️ How my hybrid planning system works and how to adapt it for your personality/situation.

➡️ All the details on making & sticking with a Time-Blocked To Do List and how it will free you up to get so much more done.

➡️ The #1 time-saving tip that starts my day off from a posture of peace — no matter how much needs to be done!

The Time-Saving Mom was written in the middle of a lot of unexpected extra things in our lives. Right after I committed to writing it, we said yes to adopting David (whom we’d been fostering for a number of months) AND we found out — much to our shock! — that I was expecting our fifth biological child.

It’s a real-life, no-nonsense, in-the-trenches approach to getting more done, doing more of what matters most, and doing it all from a heart of joy and rest!

If you’re on the fence about purchasing, you can read the first chapter here to get a peek into what…

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