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I tried Kroger delivery for the first time this week! And I’m happy to report I had a really good experience with it. In fact, we are considering switching to Kroger Boost because — with the current deal — we figured out it’d be a little less than $1/week to have someone buy our groceries and deliver them to our door each week. Plus, you get double the points on gas, which would WAY more than pay for the Boost subscription.

But I wanted to try Kroger delivery first, before committing to a membership. They had a free delivery digital coupon + a $15 off $100 digital coupon that I was able to use this past week. So it ended up being less expensive to have groceries delivered to my door than it would have been to shop in-store or do pickup!!!

Some things I loved about Kroger delivery:

  1. It is very easy to change/update your order. After I placed my order, I thought of some additional items I wanted to add to my order. It was super easy to go in and add that to my order.
  2. I was able to see exactly what my total would be before I checked out (they take off the coupons and deals at checkout so you can see exactly what you will pay). This would be especially valuable if you are wanting to stick to a strict grocery budget. You can adjust your order based upon what your total is — before you hit the checkout button!
  3. There are often digital coupons that are for delivery only. So you may find that you’ll get some additional deals and coupons by using delivery that you wouldn’t get if you shopped in-store or did grocery pick-up.
  4. Tipping is not allowed. Kroger delivery (and the Boost program) don’t allow tipping. It says right on their website that their drivers are paid directly and tipping is not allowed. (Note: If you order through Instacart delivery not Kroger delivery, you will be charged a fee for delivery and you should also add a tip as Instacart drivers rely on tips for a big part of their income.)
  5. There were special offers when I went to…


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