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We had snow on the ground for 8 entire days — all of last week and spilling into this week. Which means it was what is considered “very cold” here in these parts of TN (and honestly, 2 degrees is super cold… though I know some places have been seeing temperatures of something like negative 37, so 2 degrees sounds balmy!!).

When there is snow and ice and cold, everything shuts down here because we don’t have the equipment to clear off all the ice and snow. So, our kids were off school all last week! We stayed home and did lots of cozy things like baking and reading and watching movies/shows (Jesse and I finished watching the most recent season of The Amazing Race! Have you seen it! We really enjoyed it and were rooting for all three finalist pairs!).

My First Attempts at Sourdough Bread

One of the things I was most excited about was actually making sourdough bread and it TURNING OUT! I have been so scared off by sourdough bread for years. It felt so time intensive and scientific and I just was sure I would fail at it miserably.

But I found this account called Acts of Sourdough in December and I watched her step-by-step videos (I’m very much a visual learner!) and I was like, “I really think I can do this!”

So I ordered the starter from her and followed the directions. And, get this, my starter started bubbling and then it doubled in size and then it tripled in size! I was so excited that it was actually working and it wasn’t at all as hard as I’d envisioned!

I had set the goal to learn how to make sourdough bread as a yearly goal since I figured it would take me lots of tries to get a good loaf of bread. To my shock, my very first loaf turned out quite beautifully and tasted delicious!

I’ve since made three more loaves and each has gotten progressively better! I honestly cannot believe this! In fact, I’m feeling so encouraged by this whole experience that I ordered a Kombucha Kit and a Water Kefir kit and am determined to learn how to…


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