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This is the weekly list Free home school courses and resources Compile FreeHomeschoolDeals.comEven if you are not a homeschooled child-but you are a parent, teacher, nanny or nanny-you may find at least some useful freebies in this list.Find more Free home school classes here.

General family education resources and free gifts:

7 school supplies to make your life easier – Homeschooling mom or public school teacher – You want the best school supplies to make your life easier, right? I totally understand! Although I have completed self-study at home, I still teach at a community college. I will share 7 school supplies that will make your life easier, and then I want to hear your opinions and your favorite things! Also, be sure to get a list of free printable school supplies in this article!

Winter Olympics unit research – Learn about the fascinating history behind the Winter Olympics and the first Olympic Games that started in France in 1924. The six sports that were once started now have fifteen for Olympic athletes. You can use this interesting and free printable file to learn more about the Winter Olympics.

Free home decor prints to commemorate the mother! – We have seen you, dear mother, and we thank you for everything! Remind yourself with beautiful images and inspiring quotes that are filled with the wisdom of great thinkers such as Charles Spurgeon and Rose Kennedy. We will give you this series (worth $19.95) completely free of charge!

75 completely free board games to print and play – Looking for some simple board games to print and play during the Christmas holidays? Here are 75 ready to be printed and used.

Charlotte Mason’s Mother’s Plan – Lesson planning is not the only reason to have a planner. Download this Charlotte Mason mother’s schedule to help you keep track of everything that makes you the perfect mother!

Free dyslexia resources – Do you think it costs a lot of money to teach children with dyslexia at home? Check out this informative list of free dyslexia resources.

Skill of the Week: Personality Traits – Want to teach your child character, but don’t know where to start? Every week, Skill Trek will provide you with lessons so that you can learn specific personality traits with your children.

Free course-teach your child critical thinking skills – Will your students recognize the truth? Teach your children to think critically from the biblical worldview as they explore the history of thought. Get the first lesson of a philosophy adventure for free! Suitable for students in grades 6-12.

Free Thales Philosophy Study for Children

Free holiday-themed home school courses:

Christmas bingo game for children – Kids of all ages love bingo games. Let your kids enjoy this simple, low-preparation printable bingo Christmas event for free. All you have to do is download and print, it’s that simple.

Christmas cat coloring page – This is a fun and simple free printable activity for your kids to enjoy. These cute coloring pages also include educational sentences that your kids can track to practice their fine motor skills and handwriting skills.

Christmas sweater coloring page – These free printable Christmas sweater coloring pages are perfect for you to use at home, or you can use them in a classroom or a cooperative full of students.

Elf notes on the bookshelf – Does your child look forward to the funny elf on the shelf every year? Add these free printable daily note cards to make it more interesting. These fun and free elf daily notes that can be printed on the shelf will make your kids more excited as they approach Christmas every day.

12 days of Christmas notebook – When your children are playing coloring and putting their notebooks together, you can teach them 12 days of Christmas songs. After assembling the laptop by coloring, cutting and gluing all the parts, your child can look forward to opening a new clamshell every day.

Coloring Christmas Wreath – This is a great low-ready printable activity suitable for kids of all ages to enjoy. All children like to color. Spend this Christmas holiday with these fun and free coloring pages.

Find the difference sprite card – Enjoy this fun, simple and free low-preparation printable holiday activity for your children. If your child wants to color the page, you can use a black and white card copy.

Christmas kindergarten worksheet – These free and cute printable Christmas worksheets are perfect for young students in preschool, preschool and kindergarten to practice following the instructions given on the page. For this fun and free printable pack, all you need is crayons and printable paper. Follow the instructions on the page for coloring and drawing.

Gingerbread coloring page – During this holiday, kids of all ages can enjoy these free printable gingerbread house coloring pages. The coloring pages provide a good way to pass the time for your child.

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments + Free Template – Teach children how to make felt Christmas tree decorations. They will definitely become precious souvenirs!

7 fun ways to use Christmas carols for holiday learning – Why not use Christmas carols in a fun and educational way? Here are 7 interesting ways to do this!

Free Inuit Indian Playdough Homeschool course

Early learning freebies:

Free farm animal pack – Help your preschoolers learn fine motor skills, counting, letter recognition and more!

Digital board game – This free printable owl board game prints black and white prints for children, saving you money, and it is fun for children to color the pages with their favorite colored crayons, markers and colored pencils.

Digital plasticine pad – Use these free printable digital plasticine pads to help your child practice counting from one to twenty. Since the worksheet is printed in black and white, your child can even have fun by coloring the digital plasticine pad.

Arctic Tundra Plasticine Mat – The Arctic tundra is spread across Alaska, Canada, and Siberia. It is a flat, treeless plain with long and cold winters and short-term cool summers. Use these cute plasticine pads to include your kids in your Arctic Tundra research!

Inuit Indian Plasticine Mat – If you are studying the Arctic, don’t forget to learn all about the Inuit Indians. These simple plasticine pads are very suitable for young children because they can study with older children.

Free fantasy books for teenagers and teens

Free language arts and fine arts home school courses:

Visual word coloring page – Able to recognize and read high-frequency words instantly, which helps to improve children’s reading fluency and comprehension. These free visual word coloring pages are a fun way to do some extra practice!

Over 20 amazing art projects designed for your home school! – Want to add art to your home school, but don’t know how? There are more than 20 amazing art projects here, they are very easy to do!

Best Teen Fantasy Series – Do your teenagers and teenagers like to read fantasy novels? It is very popular at this age, which makes weeding in all the different series tricky. Do not worry! This list has been reviewed! Download now your own free printable list of the best children’s fiction collections.

Free Arctic Fox Life Cycle Home School Course

Free scientific resources:

Scientific Method Worksheet – This free printable worksheet is very helpful in adding science lesson plans to elementary school students this year.

Earth’s layers worksheet – Follow these free printable layers of the earth worksheet to read and understand the different layers that make up the earth. This free printable pack also comes with a printable answer key for your children to check their answers to make sure they are correct.

Arctic animals notebook page for students in the Arctic region – Printable notebook pages of 10 different Arctic animals, each with 3 different writing levels, for your students to write reports or stories about animals living in the Arctic. And online resources to learn about these hardy animals.

Study on the Arctic Unit of Self-taught Families – In this family-style unit study in the Arctic region, your child will learn the folklore of primitive peoples, study the animals and history of the region, and learn about life in the Arctic Circle.

5 reasons to study botany in high school + free courses – When most students study biology, physics and chemistry in high school, why should your children study botany? Find some compelling reasons and get free lessons from Julie Naturally’s high school botany course!

Farm Unit Research -Do you have a little farmer? Check out this farm unit study, which contains free printable activity packs for early elementary schools.

Arctic Fox Life Cycle Printable Pack – Arctic foxes are incredible animals, able to survive in extremely cold temperatures. Learn how they do this, their prey and their life cycle with this interesting life cycle printable pack of Arctic foxes.

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