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If you come to our house on any day now, you may find plates in the sink, crumbs on the counter, and baby toys on the floor. My bed may not be made properly. I may not leave my pajamas yet. It may smell like a recent poop diaper.

I would hold a baby or chase a toddler. I always need to leave the room many times to change diapers or make bottles or try to calm a picky child.

There may be teenagers coming and going-some I was born, some just stay in our house during the day or overnight (the advantage of having an outgoing teenager: you never know who they will invite!). I may look a little tired-because I haven’t slept for more than a year. My kids will definitely ask a few times what snacks they can eat-I might tell them there are cereals to eat, but don’t eat all of them, because that’s what we eat for dinner, too.

My hospitable muscles are far beyond what I think I can do. My heart was beautifully broken and expanded. And I have seen the needs of our community in a close and personal way… As a result, my priorities have changed in a very shocking way.

I can’t go back to a safe and sterile bubble, free from need and breakage… I don’t want to. One day, I might have a clean room, clean bathroom, and get a good night’s sleep on the same day. But for now, I see God’s faithfulness, goodness, and grace every day-in chaos and my weakness.

Yes, we traded a quieter, calmer, and more organized life for a life that looks and looks a little (or a lot!) chaotic and noisy… However, I will not exchange the lessons we have learned or The blessings we have experienced or the relationships we have built for anything!

PS Please know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a clean bathroom and a good night rest. Now is the season of life that God has called me into. I want to embrace it wholeheartedly and see the gifts and beauty in it!

In this episode:

[00:33] Obviously, podcasting equipment is a new hot spot for teenagers. 😉

[01:52] We recorded this on National Donut Day.

[04:28] Jesse is going camping with the teenagers.

[07:09] These days, water saved my life. Understand why.

[10:13] I have been reading slowly do not miss it Author: Jeanne Cunion.

[12:26] Learn about the inspiration for this episode.

[16:47] I have been thinking about how messy our house is now, but how peaceful our life is.

[18:15] Saying “yes” to God usually means saying “yes” to chaos.

[21:18] I spend a lot of time on God’s Word and pray all day.

[23:32] It is important to understand that you cannot say “yes” to everything. You must rest.

[25:54] Why resting in the love of God is essential to finding peace in chaos.

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