Edible Cinnamon and Sugar Ice Cream Cone

You may have seen the awesome post on the edible ice cream cone donut on Facebook (or other social media outlets). We’ve created a way for you to make this yourself!

Summer is all about fun and being outside. For most kids (or at least mine), it also means ice cream! Every time they hear the ding-a-ling of the ice cream truck, they come running. While we do spring for a treat once or twice during the summer, most of the time, I tell them we can make our ice cream sundaes instead.

They get bored with that and so I want to do something fun once in a while. So, when I saw and read about this awesome sweet ice cream cone treat, I knew I needed to find a way to do this for my kids. And , let me say – it did NOT disappoint!

This cinnamon and sugar ice cream cone is really easy to make (believe it or not). And, best of all, it takes simple ingredients. One thing you will need is a cream horn. You can find them for around $5 or so on Amazon.

Make sure that you share photos of your own creations on Instagram and use the #PPMIceCream — I want to see!


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