Earn Free Toys as a Toy Tester

How many parents are still paying off Santa’s shopping spree while the holiday toy haul gathers dust?

With newer and more expensive toys coming out every year it might feel hard to keep up, but what if there was a way around those price tags? What if you could get toys for free — or better yet, what if your children could earn toys themselves?

A Cool Job for Kids: Toy Testing

It sounds crazy, but it’s entirely possible. Many legitimate toy companies hire normal kids to be toy testers. If you want your child to be one, the age range seems to vary depending on the application, but typically companies are looking for toddlers through preteens . The company will either send your child a toy to review or ask you to take them to a toy lab at the company’s headquarters.

Interested? Here are three tips to help your child land the gig:

1. Get a Jump on the Toy Testing Competition

These jobs are hard to find. They pop up unexpectedly, so you should always be on the lookout. As journalist Samantha Christmann explained, be active by emailing toy companies directly and asking about opportunities. For example, you can email your contact information and your child’s name and interests to [email protected] to find opportunities at Fisher-Price.

2. Prowl Social Media

Follow toy companies on Facebook — both major ones and smaller players. For example, the toy company Step 2 posted on its Facebook page that it was looking for kids to test a Thomas the Tank Engine bed. The company wanted to send the bed to several families to try out. The families got to keep the bed for free in exchange for a product review.

Krystal Butherusa Florida lifestyle blogger, was selected to test the Thomas the Tank Engine bed after hearing about the opportunity in a blogger Facebook group. Butherus advises anyone interested in toy testing to set up a blog and social media accounts “to show influence if you’ re interested in being a toy…

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