DIY Wedding Invitations: The Ultimate Money-Saving Guide

It’s no surprise that weddings are expensive. But what might shock you is just how much they actually cost. In 2021, the average couple spent nearly $30k (or $34,000 if you count the engagement ring) on their nuptials, with over $500 of that going toward wedding invitations.

And while some of those costs (notably picking a great venue), might be totally worth adding to the budget. However other expenses, like the fancy bits of gold-embossed paper your guests end up tossing out (or hopefully recycling), are definitely questionable.

So if you’re one of those savvy couples who’d rather save the budget for an epic and cheap honeymoonkeep reading. We’ve got the details on how you can save money on your big day, by getting crafty with your wedding invitations.

DIY Wedding Invitations

When it comes to DIY wedding invitations, there are two basic options to consider.

The first is to purchase a template (more on those below) that you fill in, print and embellish yourself. Alternatively, there are also digital-only templates you can buy and use for e-invites which will save you some money on printing costs and postage.

The other option is to do everything yourself from scratch. This is best for artsy-craftsy types who prefer printed invites rather than digital ones. For this option, you’d be responsible for creating the design, then printing, cutting and packaging the invitations yourself.

Before deciding exactly how DIY you want to go with your invites, do some research and think about how much time you realistically have to put into your invitations. Do you enjoy crafting? Or are you just trying to save a little money?

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ve got several cheap and free wedding invitation templates here to help you get started.

Free & Cheap Wedding Invitation Templates

The easiest option for DIY wedding invitations is to use digital only or print-it-yourself wedding invitation templates.

They’re plentiful…

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