DIY – Halloween Mason Jar Lantern

This spooky “BOO” mason jar craft is super easy to do! It took less than 10 minutes total to make and was so much fun! You can use these Halloween Mason Jar Lanterns to set out on the porch or use them in your home as Fall/Halloween decor.

The best part about this Halloween Mason Jar Lantern is that they look great both during the day and at night all lit up!

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  • Mason jars
  • Letter stencils or Silhouette vinyl letters
  • Frosted glass spray paint
  • Twine, ribbon and fun decor
  • Tea lights or candles


Step 1. Clean the jars well so that the letters can adhere to it.

Step 2. Place the letters on each jar. Then spray the entire jar with frosted glass spray paint. Allow to dry.

Step 3. Carefully peel off the letters from the jar (you will need to make sure you do not scratch off any of the paint. Adorn with twine, ribbon, or string.

Step 4. Place tea lights or candle inside for an incredible glowing effect!

In just 10 minutes, you can have these fun, festive Halloween Lanterns ready to welcome the coming Trick or Treaters!

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