DIY Family Movie Night Gift Basket + Free Printable Gift Tags!


A family movie night basket might just be the perfect clutter-free, frugal, and fun gift for a bunch of people on your list this year! And be sure to grab some FREE printable gift tags to go with it to match!

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A few years ago, my sister-in-law gave our family a unique and fun gift that’s one of those you remember for a long time.

What was it?

A Family Movie Night Gift Basket!

It was the perfect gift because we could all use and enjoy it. It was also consumable (so it didn’t add toy clutter) and it was something we could do together as a family.

A Movie Night Gift Basket it’s a great gift for families, couples, or even individuals on your list who are hard to buy for, or who seem like they already “have everything”.

This is a very versatile gift idea as you can tailor it to the ages, preferences, and dietary restrictions of the recipient. And of course, you can tailor it to your budget — making it as big as you want, or scaling back if finances are a bit tight.

Download your free printable gift tags!

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DIY Family Movie Night Gift Basket

What to include in a movie night gift basket

  • Movies: Purchase a DVD you think they would enjoy, give an Amazon gift card to stream a favorite movie, or include Redbox movie codes. You might also include a list of movie recommendations!
  • Drinks: Provide one drink for each person — soda pop, sports drinks, hot cocoa, Izze’s, or sparkling waters are some ideas.
  • Popcorn: Microwave popcorn packets, a bag of caramel corn, or other…


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