Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge (week 3)

We’re kicking off the year with an 8-week Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge. I’ll be sharing a weekly post here every Thursday with a task or challenge for you to complete/focus on to help you weak, improve, or overall your grocery budget.

My hope is that we can all work together to crowd-source new ideas and fresh inspiration to be more thoughtful and intentional in our grocery budgets + hopefully save some money and instill some practices and principles and habits that will continue to save us money throughout the rest of the year.

In week #1, we talked about setting up a grocery budget. That’s the most important first step in cutting your grocery bill.

Last week, we discussed why you need to recognize potential roadblocks. Be sure to read through the comments here to hear about others’ roadblocks. I think it will encourage you to know you’re not alone.

Week #3: Choose One Thing to Change (For 3 Weeks)

This week, we’re going to take those roadblocks that we acknowledged or the potential obstacles we see that we could face, and we’re going to use them as motivation to get creative. I want you to choose one area you’re going to commit to change.

Think about what is realistic, what is doable, and what would make an impact on your budget. It could be that you are going to add up your groceries as you’re putting them in the cart so that you make sure to stick with the budget. Or, that you are going to plan your menu around what’s on sale at the store. Or, that you are going to try shopping at a different store. Or, that you will make your bread from scratch. Or, that you’ re going to buy primarily only the fruit and veggies that are on sale and simplify and save money by doing that. Or, that you’re going to only bring cash to the store to shop with.

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Really consider what you’d like to focus on for the…

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