Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge (Week 2)

We’re kicking off the year with an 8-week Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge. I’ll be sharing a weekly post here every Thursday with a task or challenge for you to complete/focus on to help you weak, improve, or overall your grocery budget.

My hope is that we can all work together to crowd-source new ideas and fresh inspiration to be more thoughtful and intentional in our grocery budgets + hopefully save some money and instill some practices and principles and habits that will continue to save us money throughout the rest of the year.

Last week, we talked about setting up a grocery budget. If you haven’t completed that challenge, be sure to read last week’s post and follow the directions. That’s the most important first step in cutting your grocery bill.

Week #2: Recognize Your Roadblocks

This week, we’re going to talk about what might hold you back from success. I think it’s important to acknowledge those things that might make it difficult to succeed. Not so that we’re dwelling on the negatives or letting them be excuses, but so that we can not be surprised by potential roadblocks and can anticipate them and come up with creative solutions.

For instance, maybe you need to eat gluten-free, you have other allergies, you live out in the country, you don’t have a lot of time to invest in grocery shopping, you don’t have many stores that offer deals, etc.

Think through what might hold you back from succeeding. Be honest. What immediately jumps to your mind as pushback when you think of setting up a grocery budget. Why does it feel daunting or difficult?

My hope is that by assessing this ahead of time, it will make it much easier in the long run. Plus, I’m hopeful that by people being willing to share honestly their struggles and potential roadblocks in the comments on this post, others will be…

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