Crystal’s $62 Kroger Pick-Up Shopping Trip


I’ve gone to Kroger and Aldi in the same week a few times recently and I’ve found that really helps me maximize the mileage of our grocery money. However, it also takes more time and effort, so it’s a great practice on weeks where we have more breathing room in our schedule.

This past week, we had some fun friend get togethers and other things happening on grocery shopping day and we didn’t need to buy that much since we’re pretty stocked up, so I opted to do a Kroger pick-up order instead of shopping in-store.

I’m not able to get the markdowns or closeouts this way, but I’m still about to take advantage of the digital coupon deals (there are usually a few weekly digital coupon deals that are great deals — such as the cheese deal this week !).

Here’s what I got in my pick-up order:

What I Bought

  • Dave’s Killer Bread – $5.49 with digital coupon
  • 2 bottles Kraft dressing — $1.29 each with digital coupon
  • 3 packages sausage — $2.99 ​​each with digital coupon
  • Bananas — $1.68
  • 3 boxes cereal — $1.99 each with digital coupon
  • Chicken — $1.99/lb with digital coupon
  • Cottage cheese — $1.99 (not shown)
  • Distilled water — $1.29
  • Marshmallows — $1
  • 5 bags cheese — $1.29 each with digital coupon
  • Chocolate chips — $2.29
  • 2 boxes yogurt tubes — $1.99 each (not shown)
  • Flour — $2.49
  • Milk — $3.99
  • Carrots — $1.29
  • Peppers—$3.99
  • Cabbage — $0.04 — it looks like the shopper keyed this in incorrectly
  • Total with tax after coupons: $62.69

As far as meals we’ll be making, I am thinking: Breakfast for dinner (we have bacon in the freezer + some eggs leftover from last week and I’m thinking protein pancakes), Peppers/Sausage/Potatoes in the crockpot, Italian Chicken in the crockpot, Shredded Meat & Cheese Sliders, Chicken Stuffing Casserole, Leftovers/Fend for yourself, and Dinner Out

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