Crowdstreet helps investors earn 17% passive income

If millionaires may all agree on one thing, it is that passive income is a wise move for successful financial planning. They have more money in their account without sacrificing too much (if any) their very expensive time.

So although the sideline is great, real Passive income may be better. There are many ways to do this, including investing in real estate. But this is not just about becoming a landlord or investing in a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT). If you are one of the millions of Americans who qualify as qualified investors, you can also invest in private equity real estate.

An online real estate investment platform called Crowd street Has helped thousands of qualified investors obtain a true passive return of more than 245 million US dollars-also can help you build your own real estate investment portfolio.

Not engaged in commercial real estate investment in commercial real estate

CrowdStreet has created a community where qualified investors can connect with commercial real estate developers and companies across the country.

From apartment buildings and hotels to industrial warehouses and medical laboratories, CrowdStreet provides investment opportunities in commercial real estate projects for any qualified US investor. Yes, it could be you, even if you don’t know it. Many people don’t realize that they have been certified. If, in the past two years, your annual income as an individual exceeds US$200,000 or your joint income with your spouse exceeds US$300,000, or your net worth exceeds US$1 million (excluding your primary residence), or if you are You have a good reputation with a 7-series, 65-series, or 82-series license, and you may already be a qualified investor.

This is how it works: CrowdStreet conducts an objective review of projects across the country and only selects a few deals from top sponsors (aka real estate developers) to add to their market. Only about 5% of the items they purchased were eventually selected for the market.

Investors can then review each project—including the expected return and the length of the investment period—and decide whether the transaction is suitable for their portfolio and how much to invest (each initiator determines the minimum amount of their transaction).

Because this is indeed a source of passive income, nothing more! You are not a landlord or property manager; you are a passive investor. According to the business plan, you can get returns in two ways: through continuous cash distribution and/or part of the final selling price. It depends on the structure of the business plan, so be sure to understand this before investing and choose a transaction that meets your investment goals.

Remember, every project has certain risks, so you may always lose your investment. To date, investors have used CrowdStreet to invest in more than 524 transactions and received more than $240 million in proceeds. So far, 56 transactions have been fully realized, which means they are either sold or refinanced. The average internal rate of return for these projects is 17%.You can get their complete Marketplace performance statistics here.

Background: According to data from Goldman Sachs, the average stock market return in the past 10 years has just exceeded 9%.

Invest in real estate, but leave the heavy work to experts

CrowdStreet uses its expertise in the field of commercial real estate to select available deals-they are the largest online commercial real estate investment platform in the United States. Their team conducts research to determine the most promising metropolitan areas and types of properties, and then selects opportunities based on their research .

Crowd street Market report Break it all down for you. For example, as e-commerce sales increase, northern New Jersey (outside New York City) is their first choice for industrial construction. According to the remote work trend driven by millennials, Boise, Idaho and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina ranked first and second respectively in terms of construction of rental buildings.

You can expand your portfolio and invest like a real estate tycoon without having to inherit your great-great-grandfather’s real estate development company. You can own a property without having to act as a landlord or deal with tenants.

Start investing in commercial real estate and have the possibility of real passive income

Opening an account on CrowdStreet is free, and new transactions are launched every week. You can rest assured that you will find a project that suits you based on your interests, investment goals and risk tolerance.

Remember-you may be a qualified investor without even knowing it! Register here See what items are available. You can start earning passive returns this year.

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