Crowd-Pleasing Meals for 25+ | Our Vacation Menu Plan for 31 People

Near the end of July, we traveled to Bull Shoals Lake near Mountain Home, Arkansas for our annual extended family vacation at the lake with my side of the family. We’ve done this every year for 20 years! We all stay in small individual cabins, but then we eat our meals all together and spend a lot of time together in the larger house that my parents stay in.

In addition to spending lots of time skiing, boating, swimming, and hanging out, we ate a lot of yummy meals. In order to feed 31 people without it being too much work, we not only stuck with cheap meals for large groups, but we also all pitched in and helped with the food.

How We Planned and Divvied Things Up

My sister planned the menu with easy meals that would feed a crowd and sent out a sign-up form using Perfect Potluck (it’s free and so easy to use!). Each family signed up for the main dishes and side dishes they wanted to be in charge of.

Whatever meals or parts of meals you signed up for, you were in charge of bringing the ingredients for and cooking/baking.

Here were the meals we had…

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What We Made for Breakfast

  • Cinnamon Sugar Bagels, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Orange Juice
  • Baked OatmealSausage, Orange Juice
  • French Toast, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Orange Juice
  • Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs, Orange Juice

What We Made for Lunch

For lunch, we had a huge Build-Your-Own Salad Bar (most all of my family loves salads!). We also had bread and meat/cheese and peanut butter/jelly/honey for sandwiches for the kids and any adults who didn’t just want a salad. In addition, we set out any leftovers from breakfast or dinner.

Having a Build-Your-Own Salad Bar is such an easy meal idea for 25+ people —…

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