Comparing professional builders and employer monsters


Do you need to fill a vacancy? Do you want to hire a qualified applicant with the least hassle?

In this case, you will undoubtedly consider using popular job boards like Careerbuilder or Monster. These are the two best job search websites. But what is the difference between the two? Which one best suits your needs?

The third website that competes with them is Post Code Recruitment, It can post job vacancies to up to 100 job boards at the same time. If neither Careerbuilder nor Monster are what you need, ZipRecruiter may be a better choice to find qualified candidates for your vacancies.

As for Careerbuilder and Monster, there are key differences between them. In this guide, we will compare these two platforms side-by-side-how they work, their costs, and the types of candidates they target.

What is a career builder?

CareerBuilder is a recruitment website that uses a combination of custom tools, analysis, third-party software integration, and flexible payment options to help employers find qualified candidates. has approximately 8.5 million US users every month and provides access to approximately 80 million candidate resumes.

The website provides employers with access to more than 80 million resumes and social media Post Code Recruitment, It can share recruitment information (albeit to a lesser degree) with other recruitment committees on the Internet.

From small businesses to corporate organizations, companies of all sizes have recruitment solutions. You can choose one of its tiered full-service packages, or you can build your own package by choosing the number of job advertisements and monthly resume searches you want.

What is a monster?

Monster provides many of the same core functions as other boards such as Indeed, CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter. For many recruiters and employers, Monster’s outstanding feature is simplicity.

Creating a job posting is easy. You can choose from more than 2,000 templates to create job advertisements. You can also ask Monster to recommend candidates for vacant positions in your company based on the factors you specify: skills, location, experience, etc.

You can experience the services provided by Monster through a free trial, but you cannot post jobs for free like Indeed. Although there is no completely free option, Monster provides a lot of support resources to ensure that your recruitment efforts are productive and cost-effective.

Monster has its own applicant tracking system to help manage your recruitment activities. If you want to switch to the ATS of your choice, you need to use another work board.

Monster provides a training content library that enables hiring managers and recruiters to take full advantage of the tools and functions of the recruitment committee. In addition, the company provides customer support via phone or email during working hours in case you encounter difficulties.

Employer career builder

CareerBuilder provides a large resume database, access to linked social profiles, support for a large number of third-party applicant tracking systems, automated emails and tool add-ons (such as candidate procurement).

However, it limits the number of resumes you can view each month, and sites such as ZipRecruiter provide unlimited views to make it easier to find the best candidates.

Useful solutions, such as CareerBuilder’s candidate screening service “source and screening”, can enhance your recruitment activities through candidate screening, job promotion, scheduling and brand promotion.

Smaller HR departments may find that Source and Screen are the most influential add-ons provided by CareerBuilder. The program outsources brand promotion, job promotion, candidate search and screening duties to partner services.

Employer’s Monster

Since Monster is one of the earliest recruitment websites, it seems that most employers have posted recruitment information there to help them recruit.

Monster and ZipRecruiter have a lot in common in terms of main services, but the key difference is that certain features are only applicable to Monster’s higher cost plan. For example, the ability to actively search for resumes, text and email candidates or narrow search parameters can only be used when paying for standard or premium plans.

You can also reuse job postings on Monster without having to recreate new jobs for other similar jobs.

CareerBuilder and Monster: Comparing the cost of employers

There is an interesting similarity between the two job search sites: each site has three different levels of membership for employers who are looking for job applicants, and the more expensive membership levels provide more tools and options.

Monster’s monthly subscription for individual job postings starts at $279 and increases based on the number of active job openings and the ability to send them to other job sites, and its performance enhancement features. Monster can also advertise on job sites, so employers only pay when someone views their job information.

This is a positive comparison between the two:

Monster price:

  • USD 279: The starter package includes a job posting location and 50 resume views per month
  • USD 399: The standard package includes three job vacancies, 30-day placement on partner websites, and the ability to view 150 resumes per month
  • 649 USD: The premium package includes five advertising spaces, 30 days of placement on partner websites, and 250 resume views per month

The price of CareerBuilder:

  • USD 219: The “Lite” package includes a job advertisement, 500 resume database searches, alerts and a custom candidate list.
  • 299 USD: The standard package includes three job postings, 500 resume searches, alerts, and a custom candidate list.
  • US$599: The Pro package includes five job postings, 500 searches, alerts, and a custom candidate list.
  • USD 375: The “build your own” package starts with a job posting and 30-day resume search access.

At the same time, the starting price of a reusable job posting by ZipRecruiter is as low as $16 per day, and it will increase based on a variety of factors including industry, resume downloads, and the number of users you want to use in your account.

For employers who use ZipRecruiter, a money-saving strategy is to have reusable job openings. This means that job positions will not be locked for 30 days, and new positions can be exchanged immediately after other positions are closed.

CareerBuilder vs. Monster: the bottom line

Seriously, how do you choose from the best job search websites? When comparing job boards, it is important to know what you are looking for before deciding where to start.

CareerBuilder has a lot of likes and dislikes. The downside is that it is much smaller than sites such as LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed.

However, CareerBuilder is more like a boutique through customized recruitment solutions and many additional components, such as outsourcing screening solutions and artificial intelligence-based talent discovery tools.

As for Monster, it is definitely bigger than CareerBuilder. Monster is actually one of the most popular recruitment sites in the world, attracting 35 million visitors every month.

However, bigger is not always better. Some employers report that Monster is difficult to control.

Now, there is a reason to be able to simply co-recruit positions, create sponsored positions, promote teamwork, and use the artificial intelligence of recruitment websites. Post Code Recruitment Has been rated as the number one website for employers’ recruitment needs. It has a nearly perfect rating on TrustPilot, and it ranks among the best on all other working committees.

For people who are looking for a job and want to get a lot of resume views during the job search process, ZipRecruiter has thousands of potential employers and millions of jobs to search. As the recruitment process becomes easier for potential employers, job seekers can also complete the job search process more easily.


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