Compare ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn employers looking for workers

There is still a shortage of workers in the United States. There are millions of job vacancies, and companies across the country are struggling to recruit the workers they need.

Is your company looking for new employees-qualified candidates for the job?

In this case, you will undoubtedly consider using popular online recruitment platforms, such as Post Code Recruitment Or LinkedIn. But what is the difference between the two? Which one best suits your needs?

In this guide, we will go deep and make a side-by-side comparison between these two platforms-how they work, their costs, and their target audience.

Let’s start with each overview:

ZipRecruiter: Post jobs on multiple job boards

ZipRecruiter is very useful if you need to post job vacancies widely so that you can hire someone quickly. ZipRecruiter itself is not a working committee. Rather, it is a market that allows employers to post job vacancies to multiple online job boards at the same time.

ZipRecruiter uses artificial intelligence to decide where to post your job vacancies, and uses its matching technology to analyze millions of data points to find the most potential match for your job.

ZipRecruiter for employers

Employers can try it free for four days. After that, you can purchase various packages according to your needs. ZipRecruiter offers three different monthly plans, depending on the number of positions you want to promote.

You can pay extra for sponsored positions in order to provide high-quality placements for job postings on the recruitment website. There is also a “traffic boost” option that allows you to send job postings via email to attract more job seekers. You can also categorize resumes on the ZipRecruiter dashboard.

After posting a job, ZipRecruiter’s AI can promote your listing and send job reminders to candidates who are more likely to be interested and eligible. AI tools can also help you adjust the scale of your recruitment efforts to maintain expenditure efficiency and budget.

The platform can also help you track applicants and will help you integrate the current applicant tracking system into its platform.

ZipRecruiter for job seekers

The site is free for job seekers. You can search for positions based on factors such as expected salary, location, or various keywords.

You can post your profile on a website that can be seen by potential employers. You can post your resume, recommendation letter, social network handle or profile picture, etc.

LinkedIn: the ultimate social networking site

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking site, with more than 750 million members in 200 countries/regions.

Employer LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help employers contact qualified candidates, especially white-collar positions. Those professionals are the ones who use the site most often.

You can pay to use “LinkedIn Recruiter”, which is usually used by large companies; or “LinkedIn Recruiter Lite”, which is suitable for small companies. With LinkedIn Recruiter, you can create an unlimited number of job postings.

You can use a service called LinkedIn Jobs to create job postings for free, but know that LinkedIn uses a pay-per-click model to promote your job openings.

Job Seekers LinkedIn

After you create an account on this web platform, you can create a profile and link yourself to other professionals you have worked with or people you know. Social networking is a great way to find a job, and LinkedIn says that about half of the recruiting on the site comes from personal relationships.

Looking for a job position? You can check the LinkedIn job page for recommendations on job listings that may appeal to you.

LinkedIn is free for job seekers, but LinkedIn Premium for job seekers costs $29.99 to $59.99 per month. With these programs, you can get more tools to help your profile stand out, you can send messages to LinkedIn members who are not connected, and you can get more information about the people who view your professional profile.

ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn: Pros and Cons

Each of these popular recruitment platforms has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you are looking for.

Advantages and disadvantages of ZipRecruiter

advantage shortcoming
Artificial intelligence can help you expand your recruitment efforts The free trial lasts only four days
Can reach more than 100 work boards Unable to publish company page
Has a customizable job description template for employers to use May be more expensive than other options

Advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn

advantage shortcoming
Provide a huge network platform May confuse whether to register for LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Jobs
Provide a manageable pay-per-click model to promote job listings Not all prices are announced online

ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn: Applicant Tracking

Does your company use applicant tracking systems like Bullhorn, ClearCompany or Greenhouse? Both ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn can work seamlessly with dozens of third-party applicant tracking systems.

Using ATS integration, these online platforms can help ensure that your job postings are up to date, eliminate friction among job applicants, and make the interview process more efficient.

The ATS integration of ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn can also generate valuable data for employers, from monitoring the quality of job postings to helping you access your resume database. Analysis can show you how well candidates respond to your job reminders or job advertisements and help you discover ways to improve them.

ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn: Cost

For job seekers like you, this is the most challenging part because there are many different pricing options and not all prices are posted online. In some cases, you need to ask the sales department of each company for a quote.

There are few free options. Both recruitment platforms offer free trials: ZipRecruiter allows you to post jobs for four days for free. LinkedIn offers a one-month free trial for its “Recruiter Lite” option.

ZipRecruiter pricing

ZipRecruiter has a three-month plan — Standard Edition, Advanced Edition and Professional Edition. The price depends on how many positions you need to post and how many job committees or job sites you want to post your job opportunities on. The price of a reusable position is as low as $16 per day.

“First, we work with you to understand your specific recruitment goals, strategy and budget,” ZipRecruiter said on its website. “From there, we tailor your campaigns based on the number of jobs you have, the type of jobs you need to fill, location, and industry. You can customize plans for monthly subscriptions or pay-for-performance based on your recruitment goals.”

LinkedIn pricing

On LinkedIn, you can post one job at a time for free. Free job postings will appear in LinkedIn search results, and they allow you to filter and manage job applicants. But over time, they became less prominent in search results, giving job seekers a chance to see new job postings. Once your job posting has 75 applicants, it will be removed from the search results.

You must contact LinkedIn to get a quote from LinkedIn Recruiter, which is usually used by large companies and allows you to create an unlimited number of job postings. However, the lite version called LinkedIn Recruiter Lite costs $119 per month, and if you sign up for one year, it costs $99.95 per month.

LinkedIn also has a service called LinkedIn Jobs, where you can post jobs for free and then pay per click to promote it.

ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn: You have received customer support

With ZipRecruiter, you can contact customer service via phone, live chat, or email. The website also provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions and “how to” guides.

You can contact LinkedIn through live chat support, but not by phone. The website has a help center where you can find a “how to” guide or submit a query.

ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn: Resume Search

Want to do a resume search? ZipRecruiter has a huge resume library and offers unlimited resume searches for customers who purchase one of its premium plans. If you bought the cheapest plan, you must purchase a resume search.

LinkedIn does not have a huge resume database like ZipRecruiter. But on LinkedIn, you can use the site’s search tool to browse the user’s profile and find potential job applicants.

ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn: The bottom line

If you are an employer looking for an effective job posting, these are two reliable options.

LinkedIn allows you to contact potential candidates who meet your needs, so you can encourage them to apply. It also allows you to access a huge network of professionals.

However, Post Code Recruitment Enables you to publish your work to more than 100 work sites. In addition, hiring managers and human resources directors can use how ZipRecruiter’s AI can simplify the process of creating job postings, reaching qualified talent, and tracking candidates.

Either choice can find the employees you need.

Mike Brasfield ([email protected]) Is the senior writer of The Penny Hoarder.

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