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Do you remember the good old days? Those you have a home phone with a coiled cord, and you beg your parents to pay an extra $15 a month so that you can have your own dedicated line?

almost not. I had to dig through that memory, because now I only know a $1,000 mobile phone. And try to keep your mobile number when you switch mobile plans. And sort out all the technical terms-“unlocked”, “unlimited” and “5G”.

With all the options available, how do you find the best phone deal? There is no single website that allows you to aggregate all the options and easily compare mobile transactions-or is there?

A website called Navi It is the first of its kind. This is like a kayak for mobile phone deals, helping you find the best price on your next mobile phone. It searches the Internet for you, and saves you time—and more importantly—saves money.

How many? Your new phone averages about $500.Yes-five Hundred Dollar. If you do it yourself, you might be lucky to save 5% to 10%. But Navi’s technology can quickly compare cell phone transactions and save hundreds of dollars on your next new cell phone.

How to save hundreds of dollars on your next new phone

This is how it works: Visit Navi’s website And register for a free account. Enter your information, including the phone you currently own and the phone carrier. If you know what phone you want, enter it in the search bar, and Navi will show you the best prices on this phone from top retailers in the market.

If you have not completed the research, Navi will help you find a phone that meets your needs. Take a five-question quiz on your preferred mobile phone brands such as Samsung, Google or Apple and the specifications you are looking for.

Then Navi will show you some new phone options, all of their functions are arranged side by side, so you can compare and make decisions very easily. The front and middle are the amount you can save, depending on where you bought your phone.

This can come directly from the phone manufacturer or by switching phone plans. For example, I currently have an Apple iPhone 11—Navi’s website shows that I can upgrade to 13 Pro for $200 and continue to use my Verizon plan.

If I want to change my phone, I can buy the Samsung Galaxy ZFold3 for US$800 on the new carrier — US$950 cheaper than direct purchase. These savings can take a minute to find and may save hours of research and hundreds of dollars.

Still waiting for the right deal? Navi is always looking for you

If there are no suitable mobile offers now, don’t worry: if you choose to track, Navi will continue to search for the best mobile offers and notify you when they appear.

It is completely free and all done in the background, so you don’t even have to think about it. When the price of the phone you are looking for drops, Navi will notify you that it’s time to buy!

Finding the best deals on mobile phones has never been easier.When you Sign up for a free account With Navi, you can use the easiest way to find deals on your new phone. How much can you save on your next phone?

Kari Faber is a full-time writer for The Penny Hoarder.


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