COIN only pays people to verify location


Now it seems that every application wants you to share your location data with them. Companies like Google and Apple usually know where you are, down to a few meters.

What you share with them is valuable, and they know it. But what exactly did you get from the transaction? The chance is not great.

but A company called COIN Fully understand. In fact, they are willing to pay you just to verify your location anonymously. Some people have made thousands in this way.

How to make money just by verifying location

With the continuous advancement of technology, location data becomes more and more valuable, which is why COIN is willing to spend money to let you verify it.

When you use COIN to create a free account, you can get paid for visiting locations that require verification. This is called Geomining-you verify or “mine” a location to get rewards.

Don’t worry; it’s super simple. See the blank tiles on the map in the COIN app? Go to it, click the “My” button, and watch the digital currency flow into your COIN account. seriously. It’s that simple.

Once you have accumulated enough digital currency COIN tokens, you can convert them into cryptocurrencies or exchange them for commodities, such as PlayStation 5.

A COIN user James started cashing out the cryptocurrency XYO coins in 2019. As of August 31, 2021, the value of his XYO tokens cashed out was US$17,210.27. He and his wife plan to use part of the money to take away they have never had a chance to spend their honeymoon.

More ways to make money

Before you pick up your lunch bucket and head to geomine, you need to make sure you understand all the ways you can make money and increase your income.

coin The automatic discovery function allows you to passively perform Geomine. Yes. You can earn income when you go out to work, drive, go to work, or take a carpool to the airport. This is a great way to make money when you don’t have time to park and press the geomine button.

You can tap your own voice for free. But if you want to earn two or three times faster, you can subscribe to a Plus or Pro account.

A paid subscription will also speed up the regeneration of the mined tiles for you, and multiply the rewards you receive from geographic mining.

You can also use one of COIN’s Sentinel equipment to improve your mining work. These devices help to verify that you are a valid person, which makes your Geomine data more valuable, so COIN will pay you more.

Want to take a break from mining? COIN also provides rewards for visiting specific stores, completing surveys, scanning certain products in the store, etc.

How to start

The most active COIN users have earned thousands of dollars just for their daily lives.

Imagine the income of commuting to work, road trips or carpooling drivers. COIN even allows you to get rewards hands-free while driving.

It only takes a few minutes to download the COIN application and enable location services. Please enter your email address here Create your free account.


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