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Instead of picking up food or strangers for Uber or Lyftwhat if you could get a side gig driving other people’s pets and stuff across town and across the country? Although the profession doesn’t exactly sound glamorous, it can be lucrative.

Delivery services can vary widely when it comes to what you’d deliver, whether it’s a pet or furniture. And each has its own requirements for the driver and the vehicle.

We’ve rounded up the best delivery gig options for the person who is ready to start driving and shipping. Just think of how happy your customers will be when you deliver Fido — or just their couch — straight to their door.

7 Delivery Driver Jobs for Your Next Side Gig

Whether you’re looking to make a little extra money on the weekends or turn driving into a full-time job, here are seven delivery services that will get you on the road while putting money in your pocket.

1. CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper pays drivers to transport a customer’s pet or item along a path of your choice.

While pet transports are the most popular, according to CitizenShipper’s site, a driver can help someone move an entire house across the country if they so choose.

CitizenShipper drivers average a monthly revenue of $6,000 to $10,000 a month, according to the company. And there’s plenty of demand to go around — more than 175,000 shipments were listed in 2021.

So just how much driving do you have to do to get some real cash in your pocket? The payment itself is agreed upon between transporter and customer, meaning that there isn’t so much a fixed rate as there is a range.

Customers select your quote from a mix of other drivers. Prospective shippers will have to stay competitive while ensuring a profit after gas, lodging and meals.

For example, a roughly 1,100-mile shipment from Denver, Colorado, to Placerville, California, netted one driver $1,000, per the site. A thousand-mile road trip, which Google Maps tabulates at more than 17…

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