CHI 3-in-1 Hairstyling Iron for just $39.99 + shipping! (Reg. $90!!)

This is such a great deal on a CHI hairstyling tool!

Zulily has the super popular CHI 3-in-1 Hairstyling Iron on sale for just $39.99 today! Choose from red or black at this price.

This retails for $90 and it’s currently $82 on Amazon right now, so this is a fantastic deal! And the black one comes with a free thermal mat!

Meg from the MSM Team here! CHI sent me one of these to try out and I was really impressed with it! You can straighten, curl, or wave your hair with this one tool.

I’ve tried SO many different straight irons and curling irons in the past, so I was excited to see how this one Comparatively. I have worked super duper long hair right now, so I definitely had my doubts as to how well the curl/wave function would work for me.

First, I decided to try the straightening function, since that’s sort of what CHI is known best for and I knew it’d be the easiest style to try.

As you can see, my hair is already pretty naturally straight to begin with, so straightening it just kind of tames the thickness and makes it more manageable.

I was super impressed with how quickly it heated up and how many temperature options there were.

Straightening my hair took all of about 5 minutes to finish. And I was happy with the results!

I knew the real test would be trying to do the curl/wave function. To curl your hair with this tool, you simply keep the iron closed and wrap your hair around the outside curling plates like you would a curling wand. It’s really easy!

When I curl my hair, I typically use a flat iron anyway, so I was curious to see how this would compare.

I curled one side of my hair using my traditional flat iron curling method and then I used the curl function on this 3-in-1 iron for the other side. I was very pleased with how this tool curled my hair! It gave me slightly tighter…

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