Certified occupations may be the way to get a new job in 2022


Many of us want to know whether our work is fulfilling enough in 2021. Are we happy? Are we paid enough? Is this what we want to do for the rest of our lives?

For those who answered “no” to one of these questions—especially if all of these questions—2022 is the year of certification.

Obtaining certification for a certain skill or occupation can be a good way to make career transitions without requiring significant investment in training or education. Certification can complement your current occupation and diversify your skills in the workforce. Adding certification to your resume or LinkedIn page can provide you with additional credibility.

If you are eager to change, certification may be your introduction to new opportunities—a side job, a trial job, or even a path to long-term goals.

It gets better.Can be certified in areas such as healthcare and green energy, which have some Fastest growing job now. Other common occupations with certification: construction, real estate, and finance.

What is certification?

When you are certified for a certain skill or occupation, a third party has verified your abilities in a particular field. Certification is different from licenses usually issued by government agencies.

Many third parties provide multiple certifications.

Professional certification can be issued by organizations such as industry organizations, professional groups, and educational institutions. Once you meet their requirements, they will recognize your knowledge of the product or skills.

Private suppliers may issue certificates to personnel trained in the use of their products or technologies. There are also company certifications, which are awarded internally to train employees. If you work for an employer who offers this opportunity, this may be a good starting point.

Certification can cover a wide range of requirements-so does the cost. Therefore, please do your research to see if the level of commitment is right for you. Some are short-term, which means you need to improve your skills to re-certify after a period of time.

Four certified career transitions

Read on for the four major career transitions you can achieve with certification. With a little extra training, they may give you a whole new outlook on life.

1. Notary

Have you ever needed to sign an official document and ask someone to notarize it? Have you ever wondered how they got this respected position and what does it mean?

It turns out that it does not require any specific education. You only need to be 18 years old and not a convicted felony. You must attend a notary class, and in some states you must also take an exam to receive comprehensive training. Of course, there are other obstacles to skip, but when you finish, you can earn up to $75 to $200 per contract.

More on How to become a notary.

2. Bookkeeper

If you have digital abilities, then bookkeeping may be for you. You can earn up to $69 per hour. Why not try it?

You should be good at numbers, but you also need to be good at getting along with people. Bookkeepers do not work in an isolated island, they also need to think on the spot.

Do you need to be a certified public accountant? The answer to this question is no.There are many Work at home Also suitable for bookkeepers.

You can view the virtual course in the following ways Bookkeepers.com.

3. Virtual Assistant

Think about the number of small tasks a business needs every day, and freelancers who can use some extra help.

Then consider all the possibilities to help them at home: proofreading, transcription, research, social media and website updates, to name a few. A virtual assistant might handle travel arrangements, perform customer service tasks, or help someone manage their large number of emails.

You may be that person.

Enter the virtual assistant, an independent person who performs regular management tasks for companies or individuals. Virtual assistant working from home Performances can be paid as much as $60 an hour, especially when they involve technical tasks such as graphic design and bookkeeping.

This is where certification comes in. Although these jobs do not require certification, it can change the fees you can charge and the speed at which you are snapped up.

Do some research on the job site and you will learn about the skill set people are looking for when posting virtual assistant job vacancies. Generally, these skill areas can be learned or developed through certification courses, many of which are online.

For example, Indeed.com Recently listed marketing as one of the 10 most popular certifications. Facebook, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, etc. provide certifications in social media and marketing analysis, some of which are even free.

4. Entry-level healthcare jobs

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the healthcare industry are expected to increase by 15% by 2029.Many, especially Entry-level medical positions, Only certification is required, and some of them pay $40,000 or more per year.

Consider becoming a medical assistant, dialysis technician or sonographer-all of which require some kind of certification, but do not require extensive medical and scientific training and school education.

The writer Elizabeth Djinis is a contributor to The Penny Hoarder and often writes articles about selling goods online through social platforms. Her work has appeared in “Youth Fashion”, “Smithsonian Magazine” and “Tampa Bay Times”.


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