Budget Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Sprucing up your front yard landscaping can really improve the look of your house, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, landscaping your yard can add curb appeal, which can make a home more attractive to potential buyers. And even if you don’t intend to move, some colorful flowers and a simple landscape design can offer a pleasant view from your front porch (and impress your neighbors).

Whatever the reason is, improving your home landscaping doesn’t have to wilt your budget. We have plenty of DIY front yard landscaping ideas that you can often complete in a weekend and sometimes for no money at all.

Scroll through for some wallet-friendly front yard landscaping ideas to get your front yard and home looking its best.

10 DIY Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Easy landscaping ideas can start with changes that don’t cost a thing — like cleaning up your yard — and progress from there to increase curb appeal — think low-cost plants and accents.

Here are 10 DIY landscaping ideas to get your front yard looking like the gem of the neighborhood.

1. Tidy up Your Front Yard by Weeding and Trimming

For the price of a pair of gardening gloves and pruning shears, plus a few hours of your time, you can improve the look of your front yard by ​​weeding and trimming back old or out-of-control growth.

Cutting back any excessive vines, dead leaves and branches, and sprawling weeds is a cheap and easy way to add instant curb appeal. Even if you stopped your DIY front yard landscaping efforts here, a clean and well-kept front yard could improve the appearance of your home.

But weeding and trimming are also a good way to create a clean canvas for the rest of your front yard landscaping ideas.

2. Add Low-Cost Ground Cover to Create a Uniform Look for Less

Even if your front yard isn’t particularly large, adding enough landscaping to cover the whole surface can break the bank if you’re not careful….

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