Brigette $76 grocery shopping trip and 6-person weekly menu plan


(Full disclosure: My children and I left for a week, and my husband went to the grocery store to buy some random items before we went home. He didn’t save the receipt, and I didn’t have photos of those items-so these items were not included in my total. Medium. There are ways to disrupt regular shopping procedures during the holidays, haha!)

1 gallon of 2% milk-$1.42

1 piece of 16 ounce carton heavy cream – $1.15

1 32 oz carton in half-$1.39

2 64 oz carton orange juice – $3.18

7 Single-serving carton Greek yogurt-$3.85

2 packages of 8 ounces deli sliced ​​cheese-$2.50

2 bags of 16 ounces shredded cheddar cheese-$5.10

1 can Parmesan cheese – $2.19

2 beaten eggs-$1.04

1 box of cocoa rice-$1.45

1 package fresh chicken drumsticks ($1.19/lb) – US$ 6.70

2 bags of 3 lb tilapia fillets-$7.70

1 package fresh boneless chicken breast (1.69 USD/lb) – 9.69 USD

1 pack of uncured turkey Franks – $1.99

1 package of 16 ounces deli meat – $2.49

4 bags of frozen broccoli florets – $3.40

1 bucket of organic mixed vegetables-$1.89

1 bag of jealous apples ($1.89/lb-not the cheapest, but I like them!) – 3.95 USD

1 bag of spinach – $0.79

1 pack of Romaine Hearts – $1.99

1 box of strawberries-$0.99

1 bag of peaches ($0.95/lb)—— 1.34 USD

1 bag of 16 ounces fresh green beans-$1.59

1 box of mushroom slices-$0.99

1 multicolor pepper in a 3-ct package – $2.59

1 package of hot dog buns – $0.59

1 32 oz box of pasta-$1.09

2 boxes of macaroni and cheese-$0.68

1 bag of vegetarian straws-$1.92

1 can Dijon mustard – $0.85

Total groceries this week: $76.49

Weekly menu plan


Cereals, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, simple whole wheat bread, smoothies, fried/boiled/scrambled eggs, vegetarian omelets


Deli meat/cheese sandwiches, vegetarian straws, strawberries

Grilled cheese sandwiches, peaches, peppers

Baked potatoes with cheese and broccoli, apple sauce x 2

Leftovers x 3


Hot dog, green peas, salad

Roasted chicken legs, Creamy Milk Rice, Air Fryer Zucchini Fries

Crock pot roasted venison, broccoli, watermelon

Date night (The kids eat macaroni and cheese)

roast chicken, Cheese Potato Cakes, Mixed salad, avocado

Venison BBQ Meatballs, Pull open oatmeal, Roasted cauliflower, watermelon

Grilled tilapia, Grilled mushrooms/chili/onion, Easy Homemade Cookies

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