Best Online Dollar Stores That Offer Serious Savings

As inflation takes a bigger chunk out of everyone’s cash flow, dollar stores are increasingly attractive alternatives to traditional department or grocery stores. Who doesn’t want deeper discounts on everyday items? Not as enticing, however, is the idea of ​​throwing on clo Schlepping through bins to find bargains.

Enter online dollar stores, where most products still cost just a dollar and can be purchased from the cozy comfort of your couch. If you’ve never considered virtually stopping by a dollar store online, here’s why you’re missing out on the good stuff .

Are There Online Stores Where Everything Is a Dollar?

Yes. But there are caveats.

Most of the retail dollar storefronts you’re familiar with, such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar, have a site for shopping online. And while these stores try to make sure items are as close to a dollar as possible, you’ ll still find more expensive products that tip the scales at $2, $3, $5 or even $10.

Many online dollar stores also require bulk purchases when you shop online for things like food and toiletries. Dollar stores online also usually require a minimum order to score free shipping.

In the battle of the dollar stores, which one comes out cheaper? We crunched the numbers and compared how much you’ll save versus shopping at a traditional retailer.

10 Best Online Dollar Stores

You’re probably acquired with dollar stores like Dollar General that are popping up in every strip mall in the country. But you may not be familiar with the online counterparts of these discount retailers. Here are 10 of the best online dollar stores where a little old dollar still goes a long way.

  1. Dollar Tree
  2. Dollar General
  3. Family Dollar
  5. Dollar Fanatic
  6. Dollar Item Direct
  7. Dollar Days
  8. Miss A Cosmetics
  9. Five Below
  10. Oriental Trading

1. Dollar Tree

Best online dollar store for free pickup

Trip around long enough at Dollar Tree’s website and you’re sure to…

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