Best Jobs for Military Spouses and Where to Find Them

All marriages require work and dedication, but being a military spouse to an active-duty member of the armed forces involves extra commitment and flexibility.

Military families are required to relocate, every few years or even more than once in a year, and the moves can sometimes be sudden and unpredictable. This lifestyle can make it tough to hold down consistent jobs as a military spouse, 88% of whom are female.

The frequent moves, specificity of military culture and sometimes remote living areas all contribute to the difficulties a military spouse may face when looking to build their career.

But military spouses do not need to be limited to ad-hoc money-earning opportunities like babysitting and pet sitting, especially given the fact that 40% of spouses have some kind of higher education degree and 30% have a four-year degree.

Here is a guide to finding the best jobs for military spouses.

Opportunity Abounds With Remote Work

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work is more popular now than ever.

Thanks to this trend, military spouses have a wealth of job opportunities to pursue without needing to explain an upcoming move or inability to come into an office.

In fact, many employers view having a widespread workforce as a strength, bringing geographic diversity and tapping talent pools nationwide.

Even if a job description doesn’t explicitly state it is remote-friendly, it is still worth applying to. You may find via conversations with the recruiter or hiring manager that they will consider remote applicants who are well-suited for a role.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, nearly 45% of Americans work remotely (also called work from home). As a military spouse, you could join that workforce, too. Brush up your resume or improve your professional skills with these free resourcesthen begin applying to jobs that pique your interest.

Resources for Military Spouses on the Job Hunt

You don’t have to start from scratch searching for a…

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