Best Apps to Sell Stuff: Facebook Marketplace, eBay, More

Need some extra cash? When you’re low on funds, selling your stuff is one way to make money fast. We’re not saying you need to sell family heirloomsbut some items around your home might be worth a few bucks to the right buyer.

We’ve rounded up the best apps to sell your stuff right from your iOS or Android device — you don’t even need to leave the house. We have the best apps to sell stuff, from general online marketplaces to those with more specific focuses , such as fashion.

What Are the Best Apps to Sell Your Stuff?

Rather than providing you with an endless list of selling apps that may have low virtual foot traffic, we’ve rounded up the top five apps for you to sell your stuff. After testing each platform, we found the following selling apps to be the best options:


The Best for Selling Locally

Key Features

  • Large reach via the Facebook website and app
  • No fees for selling in person
  • Low fees for online sales


Sales Method

In person / Online

Service Fees

0% in person, 5% online on most sales, or 40 cents for shipments of $8 or less



You cannot understate the power and scale of Facebook. Whether you love the big blue social app or not, it provides many free services, including a marketplace. Over recent years, Facebook Marketplace has grown, proving to be one of the most powerful apps for everyday individuals looking to sell unwanted items lying around their homes.

If you already have a Facebook account, selling on the website is as easy as launching the app on your smartphone. Head to the “Marketplace” tab at the bottom of the screen. From there, tap the “Sell” button in the upper- left corner and choose “Create Listing.”

You can sell nearly anything on Facebook Marketplace, from items to entire homes; however, some things, such as drugs, weapons and animals, are not allowed. Keep it legal and non-dangerous, and you can likely list it.

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