American Education Services (AES) Review 2022

American Education Services (AES) is a private and federal student loan servicer that handles student loans from a wide variety of lenders. If you have a Federal Family Education Loan, there’s a good chance it’s serviced through AES.

You don’t typically get to choose your loan servicers. However, if you ended up with AES and have questions, you’re in the right place. Let’s walk through everything there is to know about American Education Services.

What Is AES?

AES, or American Education Services, is a student loan servicer. Student loan servicers are companies that handle the repayment and administration of student loans for lenders. They don’t typically offer loans themselves.

AES was founded way back in 1963 to help service the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and has been operating ever since. These days, it services both private student loans and federal student loans to millions of students at thousands of schools.

In addition to loan servicing, AES also provides several other financial services, including loan guarantees, financial aid processing, and various student aid and outreach programs.

How Does AES Work?

American Education Services doesn’t offer loans itself. Instead, as a student loan processor, it handles the billing and various other services around student loans. AES works with both federal student loan providers, such as the US Department of Education, as well as private lenders.

In practice, that means that if your loan is handled by American Education Services, it could be either federal or private. This has implications for your repayment options since federal loans like the Federal Family Education Loan or Direct Subsidized Loans have special payment plans available.

In either case, though, you’ll receive your statements from AES, and then make your loan payments to them each month. The company offers a number of payment options, which we’ll discuss later in the article.

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