Affirm Review 2022: Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy now, pay later services have taken the place of layaway: You get to take home your purchase now and pay for it over time.

Affirm is one of the most common buy now, pay later services. But how does Affirm compare to similar services, and should you consider using it for your next big purchase?

This review will examine what financial services Affirm provides to its borrowers and how you can get started. We’ll also answer common questions about Affirm and address how it may affect your credit report.

What Is Affirm?

Affirm is a buy now, pay later service that enables consumers to split large purchases into multiple payments. Whether you want to shop online or in store, Affirm can generate a virtual credit card for you to use at checkout.

When selecting a method of payback, shoppers can choose between short-term interest-free payments or more dispersed monthly payments. Picking interest-free payments will spread your purchase over four payments every two weeks.

Founded in 2012, Affirm is a financial technology company headquartered in San Francisco. Over the past decade, Affirm has built up trust within the industry, and we have no trouble recommending it based on reputation alone.

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How Does Affirm Work?

Shopping with Affirm is relatively simple, and you can begin one of two ways. The first method is to visit a store that offers Affirm payments and select the option at checkout. Our preferred method is downloading the Affirm app for Apple iOS or Android devices.

Downloading the Affirm App

You can view your preapproval amount by downloading the free Affirm app. The app also allows purchasers to view limited-time deals that you can combine with Affirm financing.

Once you create an account and are set up with the Affirm app, you can view your approved spending amount and begin shopping. At the top of the app’s home screen, you’ll see the…

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