A Peek Into This Past Week (+ my goals & Habit Tracker update!)

Jesse and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary — and celebrated by going out with two other couples to dinner and ax-throwing.

So grateful for the gift of friendships — and all the laughter and life we’ve shared with the couples pictured here.

Also, a throwback to 20 years ago on our wedding! (By the way, I posted this on Instagram and people were very confused about what the blue drink was — those are floating candles in blue water. Also, I wore my mom’s dress, in case you were wondering about that! And yes, Jesse looked like he was 15!!)

Our kids got out photo albums of when they were little to show Kierstyn.

And then we spent a long time all going through them together!

We couldn’t believe how much little Silas looks like Micah does now!

Kierstyn has been doing My Father’s World PreK and loving it. One of the big encouragements in this curriculum this year is to really take time to examine pictures and notice detail. She has been really enjoying it!

Thursdays are Kierstyn’s swimming lesson days — which she also really enjoys!

Micah decided he wanted to learn how to stand up now and he surprised us all by being able to hold a standing position like this for a few minutes!

It snowed one day last week briefly and Kierstyn and David were very excited about it!

We spend a lot of time on the basketball sidelines right now and I love it! Plus, it’s so much easier with three little ones now that we’ve had months of practice and Kierstyn is a little older!

Silas is playing on two different basketball teams right now and I love watching him play his heart out!

Micah’s newest trick is to clap his hands. He wants to show anyone and everyone that he can do it! 🙂

Our church has this huge poster of Goliath up on the wall right now —…

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